Agents of Mayhem – Bombshells Trailer

Mayhem has its share of eccentrics, but the Bombshells are the most volatile of all. Meet Joule, Rama and Red Card.

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  1. Why these stupid "Saints Row 2" comments?
    Thank god there is a "Uncharted" after "Crash Bandicoot".
    Thank god there is a "Red Dead Redemption" after "Grand Theft Auto".
    This game has nothing to do with "Saints Row" except the same devs.
    And nope, a cameo doesn't change it.

  2. Hmmm…. it DOES at least LOOK better than crackdown… but then this was a really well produced trailer… so its still hard to tell… progression & customation any good?

  3. people can say all they want about the saint's row franchise, I didnt even play the games (cept 3 since a friend had it) All I gotta say is… This soundtrack tho!

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