Why Hacknet Is The Best PC Game You Haven't Played

Dan delves into the interconnected servers of Hacknet and finds one of the most original and exciting games in years.

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  1. The game is an absolute banger, there are so many revelations behind the premise that you won't see coming but understand completely when it comes. Shit is crazy, especially the finale. And you'll get sucked right into it since the game's premise is that you type things into a computer – which you are doing in real life.
    If you're worried about the prompt/how pro it looks, you're literally just opening folders and running .exes. Even if that is too intimidating, there's the GUI where you can just click to open things. I would say the prompt can be considered mostly aesthetic, but once you become used to the commands it's actually more efficient than clicking (just like real life terminals).
    If you can search for folders in file explorer, you can play this game. Get it and enjoy yourself. I'd say it's unlike all other games, but the good news is that there's stuff like Uplink and other "hacker games" you can play. So go nuts.

  2. You left the ONE LOG showing your IP Address…you amazing mad lad. You let him know that this was personal…not business…ahh…such a good game.

  3. Oh Naiox guy? After I recovered I stole all his shit deleted everything off his main and backup then got rid of all his system files from both devices and then sent him a nice fuck you

  4. I actually played the original version of this game. It was the incomplete version from the 48-hour challenge.
    For some random reason, my brain remembered it… and now I see the game is finished, has an expansion pack, and supports entire new scenarios via extensions.
    It was amazing to finally finish the game. I loved every bit of replay.

  5. This game looks pretty deep. Anyone remember Hacker back in the 80's? I completed it on the commodore 64 in 1986 but I doubt its anywhere near as complex as Hacknet.

  6. This game is friggin phenomenal, especially the Labyrinth section. The final mission was the first time I truly panicked over a game since I was a kid. It's absolutely perfect.

  7. Spoilers for new players don't watch this review.

    The reviewers need to show how smart he is leads to massive spoiler and one of the funniest parts of the game.

  8. I recently bought hackmud (I've played hacknet at least 8 times over), and I prefer hackmud. It allows you to write scripts in JS and its multiplayer. I also feel it's more relistic.

  9. I'm trying to learn some stuff so I can actually play this, and I've always been in love with coding so this game will be perfect for me.

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  11. I have played hacknet and I really liked it. Despite it being a text-based game, it was so much fun and gave me a Cypherpunk feel to it all. I though did not buy and install Labyrinths as I was nervous of what that was capable of doing. I didn’t want it fucking my computer up, but I guess it wouldn’t be on the market if it did just that, so it’s just my paranoia keeping me from trying it.

  12. I liked Uplink and I heard about this game, it's awesome, too bad we can't make money and upgrade our computer. you ever heard of Grey Hack??

  13. Legit just finished the story today. I'm such a big hacker lover, this small game made me feel big in the hacknet world. There are so many cool details and story aspects that make this game so amazing. Right now the base game is out on steam for $3 (AUS). Had a blast, gonna pick up the dlc soon!

  14. is hacknet that realistic, that u can say u r able to use these commands for "real" hacks? White hat ofc but i wanna learn how to and i hate reading books so im lookin for interactive stuff to practice.

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