Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 may seem like a family friendly game of fun, but its actually a rage inducing destroyer of relationships and we want to help you end up on top.

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  1. 2:10 there’s actually 12

    Basic ones:
    Speed(land), Acceleration, Weight, Traction, and Handling(land)

    Speed(water), Speed(air), Speed(AG : anti gravity), Handing(land), Handing(water), Handing(AG), and Mini Turbo.

    Secrets that lots of people don’t know:

    1. You can have negative stats
    2. There is a Total Stats which is all stats combined of the main 12

  2. Weird question. I’ve been playing a lot with my daughter. She fell asleep on her switch last week and since than I can’t stop from hitting every wall and falling offf the track. Is there a setting to fix this?

  3. I wish all the karts handled the same and everything was just cosmetic. There is a kart/tire/character meta and it makes the game kinda meh cause no one uses really anything else. I wish it was more about player skill then meta.

  4. Played Mario Kart on my 3ds for years. It taught me a lot and I think I can carry on my knowledge to MK8 DX once I get the game

  5. The first one is extremely obvious. In fact, people know this more by mistake than anything else. I hope this video is not a waste of time that multiple people have said already.

  6. Last night I button-mashed & somehow picked up an orange traffic cone & threw it after hitting it and have no idea how! My husband and I keep experimenting trying to re-create it and so far nothing. Has anyone else done this??

  7. Use outer drift for 200cc so you can rapid fire hopping. Use inner drift for 150cc and below way sharper turns and faster boost👍🏼
    Also gold peach is not heavy weight (someone prob already said this and i do not care)

  8. The funny thing is, there is a place in the game that tells you alot of this, so you can't say that the game doesent tell you with 100% accuraccy.

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