The Surge – Launch Trailer

Set in a heavily dystopian future as Earth nears the end of its life, those who remain in the overpopulated cities must work to survive.

The Surge launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on May 16th.

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  1. This is probably the first time in a while that I've seen a launch trailer be a pre-rendered cinematic. Like, your barely know game that you want to sell comes out in four days, and your grand marketing video, the last trailer you're going to release before launch has no game play, no details as to what the game is, nothing but a generic fight scene that isn't actually from the game.

    I guess I'll take a peek at the Giant Bomb quick look if I want to actually see what the game is.

  2. The cgi is used to explain the beginning details of the story just like most games. I mean goddamn you think all the gamers out there would know that by now. I mean Shit. Go watch the GAMEPLAY trailer for game play, not the fucking launch trailer. THERE ALMOST ALWAYS GOING TO BE CGI. It's what will be shown on television. How many times you seen a launch trailer with gameplay? Hm

  3. Anyone else think that he looks way too much like Tom Cruise from Edge of Tomorrow? It's like they ripped him from the movie and turned him into a 3d model

  4. Idk ever since the first dev pitch at E3 2016 the story for this game has looked so bland and typical to me. Idk mechanized suits seems to be all they came up with. For those of you who want an awesome third person shooter Vanquish comes to pc on the 24th. Get hyped

  5. That really is most lame game trailer combat I ever have been the displeasure to watch, it looks so dumb, gamey and silly, but without the goodness of what would make a great silly game experience. just dumb.

  6. Isn't this base off a manga and movie? Also people, pls stop comparing it to Dark Souls. It's annoying. I really like the sci fi stuff in the game though.

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