Remembering Why We Love Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

Michael walks us back through one of BioWare’s greatest games, and how it spawned a new wave of Star Wars fans.

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  1. This is the best video regarding KOTOR I've seen yet. The fact that it was your introduction to the franchise makes your POV of the gaming/movie watching experience very unique and, I have to say, refreshing to listen to. The KOTOR games are among my all-time favorite games and my favorite era in the SW timeline. While the prequels were giving me a headache (I know they have their fans and I'm glad they do, but they're just not really my thing), I had KOTOR to keep me immersed in the SW universe.

  2. oh I became a sw fan 15 years ago just like you, and I never forget that experience, it’s not just a experience anymore, it’s like another life

  3. yeah, it's just as valid to get into star wars from the disney movies, but probably better to get into star wars by experiencing something good like kotor

  4. And thats why i give you a downthumbs – This waltless failogy isnt reaching anyone, Its destroyed the franchise from the inside. Your as blind as the problems this game was trying to point out.

  5. I loved these games and the mods to try and add even more into them, What we need is a remastered edition of both games and a third released after that developed by the same group that did Skyrim no online only play please make this happen

  6. I just started playing for the first time. I remember everyone talking about how good the game was. Since it was on sale in steam I had to buy it.

  7. Greatest games of all fucking time. I can go back to this day and love of it even with the outdated graphics and mechanics

  8. "And in the end, as the darkness takes me, I am nothing."

    Still my favorite line from Kotor or video game history in general also the quote has really stuck with me when Revan said in SW:TOR

    "And in the end, as the darkness takes me, I am nothing. Now I know how you felt, my friend."

  9. Definitely my favourite game of all time.
    When i was like 5, i loved a lot watching my Brother (the one that brought me playing kotor) playing it.
    And then, 3 years later I started playing the game and finished it in 3 weeks, then played Kotor 2 and finished it in 1 month and a half (lol).
    I wish a remake of the first game, or a Kotor 3, i know that is impossible, but i'll never stop dreaming it

  10. I played and loved this game when it first came out. I was going through some old stuff a couple days ago and came across this game. Should I reinstall it and replay this classic? Will my fond memories of this great game be better than my experience of playing it again after all this time? Will all the games I have played since then make this game look and feel silly?

    Am I better off with my memories of playing this great game when it was new, or will replaying it make me as happy now as it did back in the day?

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