Injustice 2 Review

Is Injustice 2 a god tier fighting game, or more washed up than Aquaman? Find out in our GameSpot review!

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  1. So on the endless multiverse challenge swamp thing is the biggest piece of cheap shit ive ever seen way to kill my buzz Injustice 2 and he just two moves over an over i thought i adored Injustice 2 until that happened fuck off swamp thing is trash

  2. This game is no joke. I can't get a simple 2 2 forward forward meter burn combo off even after trying for 30 minutes in the tutorial. How do people even get this thing off consistently. =_= Feelsbad.

  3. honestly there is one little problem i have, when i play with my friends at home (two controllers) all the characters i pick are level 4 or 5 and my friends are at level 1 making it unfair, is there a fix?

  4. Decent enough and well put together review, but labeling a micro purchase system as a "slight misgiving" speaks volumes towards Gamestop gaining a financial benefit for downplaying a morbidly serious con to the game.

  5. Bring back 2v2 from MK8 please …. i miss kicking ass with my friend sat next to me helping me against 2 online opponents…… sigh.

  6. As a 40 yr old life-long gamer, this seems pretty complicated when it some to gear and upgrades (which I mostly don't care about). For the most part, it's all a matter of getting used to the mechanics of the game. As long as I get combos and defeats under my belt, I'm a happy camper. The cinematic scenes, story, and animation are definitely a bonus. Overall, I'm happy with this title. It's when I'm defeated over and over that I'm not having a good time….but this game is good! Glad I bought it!

  7. Here are my Top 10 Favorite Characters in Injustice 2.
    #10: Firestorm
    #9: Blue Beetle
    #8: Green Lantern
    #7: Catwoman
    #6: Harley Quinn
    #5: Black Canary
    #4: Green Arrow
    #3: The Flash
    #2: Supergirl
    Before I reveal my number one favorite character in Injustice 2, here are a few honorable mentions:
    Doctor Fate
    Red Hood
    Swamp Thing
    Black Lightning
    Power Girl
    The Atom
    #1: Batman

  8. Netherrealm Studios really came in their own with Injustice 2. The game is well polished and fine tuned and is an absolute joy to play. It does have it's flaws but there are very few. It's a nice change from Mortal Kombat til the next MK comes out. Truth be told, I look forward to the future of the series.

  9. Wish List:

    Japanese Voices

    "Select Your Character, Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4, Round 5, Round 6, Round 7, Round 8, Round 9, Final Round, Ready, K.O., Double K.O., Perfect, Time's Up, You Win & You Lose" sound effect

    Versus Screen

    Batman Gameplay Reveal Trailer

    Superman Gameplay Reveal Trailer

    Supergirl Gameplay Reveal Trailer

    Gorilla Grodd Gameplay Reveal Trailer

    Atrocitus Gameplay Reveal Trailer

    Aquaman Gameplay Reveal Trailer

    Bane Gameplay Reveal Trailer

    Black Adam Gameplay Reveal Trailer

    Green Lantern Gameplay Reveal Trailer

    Cyborg Gameplay Reveal Trailer

    Green Arrow Gameplay Reveal Trailer

    Injustice 2 Voice Title

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