Injustice 2 – Introducing Red Hood Trailer

Take a look at this trailer for Injustice 2 featuring Red Hood.

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  1. You know it would be savage if Red Hoods intro dialogue with Joker went like
    Joker: So how did my crowbar taste?
    Red Hood: I was gonna ask you the same thing about my bullet.

  2. You know, I used to wear an outfit a lot like that. Mine was more flashy maitre d' than motorcycle fetish. You kids today…

  3. Are you interested in playing as Red Hood? Also, how great was it when he ran out of ammo and tossed his gun? Basically my favorite part of the entire trailer!

  4. when it comes to the outfits I wonder if I am able to have res hood wear what he wore in Batman Arkham Knight

  5. As cool as he looks, I feel like I'm gonna end up hating him because half his moves are ranged and I'll get spammed with bullets a whole match with no way to combat it

  6. I just love they use the Pre-52 combine with the Rebirth design of Jason Todd Red Hood. The New 52 design is kinda ugly though, and Jason's character is far more better in the Pre-52 and Rebirth.

  7. So is he a zoner, a rush-in type, or an up close fighter? I couldn't really tell but my guess is he's going to play like Deathstroke in the first game in terms of zoning(guns appear to be a big aspect in his fighting style as well as explosives) and rushing in(he appears to use escrima sticks and guns up close). Sub-Zero will definitely be an up close fighter(obviously) – especially if those ice swords from the DLC trailer play a prominent role in his fighting style. Starfire will probably be a combination of zoning and up close fighting due to her proficiency in hand-to-hand combat and the warrior aspects her character has(should NRS take more from her comic version as opposed to the cartoon version) while still maintaining her signature starbolts as a key element in her fighting style.

  8. 0:33 Few things say "Fuck you, I'm winning" as much as "oops, forgot to load my gun. First! I'll bounce the clip off your face and throw it back into my gun then shoot you."

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