How to Find 8 Shortcuts that Will Change the Way You Play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch

Are you struggling to keep up with the rest of the pack, or just want to widen your lead even more? Joey shows us his picks for the most effective (and stylish!) shortcuts in Mario Kart 8 that will help you leave your opponents in the dust.

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  1. Do you have a favorite shortcut that we didn't put in the video? Personally I am kinda sad we didn't put the one I used in the tournament on Big Blue.

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  3. 3:20 "yoshi valley has no shorcuts"

    There's a short cut at the end you moron!!

    use a mushroom and cut through the trees right before the finish line

  4. The mount wario one: just go for it even without a mushroom, saves time anyway! just jump in to the snow as late as you can and then do small jumps in the snow!

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