For Honor – The Centurion Knight Gameplay Trailer

Watch the new For Honor Gameplay, and meet the Centurion of the Knight faction.

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  1. Are you playing For Honor? Does this new character look good to you? I can't help but feel odd when I see he doesn't have a shield.


  3. he's fighting way more like a Gladiator than a Roman soldier. Even "addressing the crowd" in his execution, and giving the "kill" sign like they do in the Arena. Why didn't they just make it a Gladiator instead of a Centurion? I mean, imagine a Retiarius with a net and spear, would be the perfect counter for the Shinobi.

  4. I don't want to be that guy, but can everyone stop talking about historical inaccuracy.I know the Centurion doesn't have a shield and that is historically inaccurate but just look at the entire game.The game is about vikings,samurai, and knights all fighting each other and that by itself is historically inaccurate.

  5. Not sure why everyone is upset he doesn't have a shield? I mean as fitting as it would be for his character, do we really need another shielded character? In my opinion, Conq, Warlord, and Valk are all cancer characters.

  6. From looking at the way he showboats, his armor, and lack of shield, he seems much more like a gladiator than a centurion. Maybe Ubi already has an even more gladiator type character in the works so they had to give him a different name?

  7. dudes, I don't give a FUCK if is historically accurate or not…I just want to kill everybody with this new beast! I think this is the idea that developers wants to transmit. The shinobi is very cool too! But the question is…for the vikings? I would like to see a new unit, but it's really hard for me to think about someone new…Idk, maybe they could put a magician or better some civilization that is connected to viking history like the saxons.

  8. Comment section:
    -Centurion hype/deus vult
    -Peoples bitching about centurion dosent have a shield or historical inaccuracy ( In a game of Knight vs Viking vs Samurais )
    -Jokes on servers issues or game's death

  9. I do not know about you guys, but for me I personally think that the "Centurion" fights with some sort of a sword made of plastic…
    Just because he first slams his sword against the peacekeepers head, then hits her with his left hand, she falls to the ground, he then just fucking stabs her with his plastic sword… So, you'd think she'd be dead, but nope, she just stands up and is fine.
    After that, he slams his sword in her throat, but she still seems pretty fine. Then he just makes her brain go Ping-Pong in her skull, because he just likes to hit people with his armored knee… But to end it off, he does some sort of ritual (probably gladiatorstyle) and then it seems like he cuts of her arm… Just because she is not dead enough… I mean, it still is the 50kg sneaky woman with NO armor!
    just needed to point that out…


  10. And all the people talking shit who aren't nerds need to realize the effect this has on the historical reference itself.

    If the samurai had one handed katanas and held shields, you'd all be pissed wouldn't you!

  11. At first I was irritated at the lack of a big fuckoff shield. Then I realized he doesn't even need it, this fucker's fist is a more potent weapon than anything else in the game.

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