Far Cry 5: Customisable Character, Full Campaign Co-Op – Announcement Impressions

Welcome to Hope County! Meet the members of Eden’s Gate, and the Resistance determined to rid the town of the cult’s influence in Far Cry 5.

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  1. Worst thing ever custom character, why dont you come up with a character who is interesting to play, i will never create someone cool im just not a creater and please dont tell me that it means the character wont be talking ? This is bullshit

  2. I hope you can see your legs.

    Why? No, not because of some weird ass fetish shit. IMMERSION is key, and there isn't any immersion when you look down and notice you are floating.

    And no, seeing your legs when sliding, vaulting over shit, and climbing ladders doesn't count.

  3. Very excited about this one. FC3 was excellent. 4 was okay. Primal, meh. This one looks to really add a lot of nice ideas to the franchise.

  4. Character creation, Co op open world and full story co op . If this is true i am all for it ! Sheriff……this will be great ! XD Sheriff have more power over the parish than state police anyways . Only crooked cops assume direct power over a parish . Looking forward to playing the sheriff in them parts ! Ooo ! And if this game will have honey badgers i would preorder it in a instant ! ROFL

  5. What's the point of a customizable character if all you're going to see of him/her throughout the whole game are his/her hands and arms though? (other than that, hyped for the game)

  6. Great so we can customize our characters but unless you run by a mirror it dose t matter cause only your fucking hands are visible

  7. Dont expect coop, ubisoft always lies about coop and advertised all their Farcry games as "campaign coop" but ended up only being mini-mission only coop.

  8. If you customize your character, does that mean your character will be voiceless?! Please god don't let that be the case.

  9. For those complaining about character customisation, it's just to add a bit of personalisation. Its probably in place to give you a unique look during co-op.

  10. apparently the controversy surrounding this game is white genocide

    1. you can create your character it sounds like so you can be white

    2. if anything this is moreso anti religious, there are reasons people may not like christianity.

  11. Character customization is cool but seeing how this is a FPS what's the point? You'll put all this time into making your character look the way you want but you're never going to see what he/she looks like because the whole game is in first person view. I just never understood why developers make FPS games with character creation, just doesn't make sense to me. Anyway the game looks promising. This is one Far Cry game I'm actually looking forward to.

  12. Thanks for all the spoilers and not for showing any game features… I came here looking for a character customization video and had to shut it off, because you were spoiling the entire game.

  13. Never thought a game would make me wanna rate it 2 stars cops are evil and corrupt i love far cry games but playing a sheriff are you kidding me? Cops deserve to die all of them

  14. dowloaded far cry 5, stayed 10 minutes for intro and was so hiped i have this new cool game, it all looks nice and good, BUT as soon as i coud comand the main character i notice… there is no main character, it's just a hand, so i sayd… let me see youtube, maybe later i can see my character, and no… there is not a character that you can see like all huge games: skyrim, assasins creed, gta series, splinter cell, hitman…. it's just a hand or nothing.
    I hate these type of games where i cant see my main character, it' makes me feel like playing x and 0, makes me feel sick somehow, so i uninstalled far cry 5, so dissapointed .

  15. No female characters our protag means another epic fail sexcist sh7it game like farcry primal b.s. women can and will endurevandcsurvive and huntvwithout a fa2get guy we already are faster better looking better hunters than men will ever b sexcist b.s. against women I'm a lesbian gamer its b.s. that u can't b a girl in primal but far cry 5 has a hot outfit for a woman from primal but the sexcist idiots lez haters didn't put a customize option in primal to b a girl to wear that outfit sexcist stupid sexcist game like primal

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