6 Tips To Help You Get Good at Injustice 2

For fighting game fans new to Injustice 2, the game’s mechanics may seem a little strange at first. So Joey has come up with six things that not only have helped him, but will hopefully help you in understanding Injustice’s combat mechanics.

Check out all the cutscenes in Injustice 2:…

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  1. man i want to play this but i go into a KOTH and see like 1 minute of playtime before im booted to the spectate for like another 5…it's overwhelming gahah

  2. I just want to know how to not fat finger the directional controls for doing moves, especially the ones that use left-right-x for example. Never seems to works consistently no matter how straight I feel like I'm doing it.

  3. I'm just getting started at this, so my question is how do I do the Batman special batarang move? I keep trying and trying to do what the tutorial says, but I can't do it to save my life! Somebody save me…!

  4. The only problem i have is sometimes the buttons don’t work for some reason
    Like when i try to do a combo i can just do quarter of it but i cant continue it cause I don’t press in time
    And when i finally do it the attacks don’t work like the down right x

  5. looking for an opportunity to get a big combo in is a big deal. if someone's pressuring you while you're blocking there will be a split second of time where they're vulnerable in between combos and or special moves that they try to hit you with. If someone is playing super offensively than keep that in mind, btw if you go up against a ranged character while you're someone like cheetah or batman, consider it a lost round

  6. TIP: If you are not much of a Micro transaction person save your RE-Roll Tokens for only characters you have maxed and only use them on EPIC Sets.
    Multi-verse Endless will be your go to area to Level Up Any Character unless you don't care for AI to cheat for you in Versus.

  7. The button mashing works for me at medium mode, then on hard mode i keep getting cornered or hit with a barrage of combos i cant defend

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