Zelda: Breath Of The Wild's Hidden Ending Cutscene

After defeating Ganon, here is the final hidden ending to Zelda: Breath of the Wild seen at 2:20. In order to get this ending, you must complete all of the Divine Beasts dungeons, and unlock all of Zelda memories.
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  1. I had the master sword, finished all the devined beast and all memories but didn't get that part with the king and the champions on that wall

  2. I didn’t get this I’m crying because Idk what to do after I’m done I feel like after you beat Gabon the games done for that save and if you want to play again you have to make a new game

  3. From what I understand, this is not really a secret ending really. You just need to complete all the main quests first, or at least the memories quests to get this ending. I had 2 memories left but I decided to beat Ganon before doing the memories because I thought that would make the castle less dangerous. Little did I know, nothing saves after you beat Ganon. The game saves before the fight and that's it. You reload the game before the fight. I decided to watch this clip so I didn't need to fight Ganon again to see the clip even tho the fight was pretty easy for me.

  4. I have finally defeated Ganon. Had all memories done. But after defeating him my log didn't show a star or asterisk beside that mission showing it was done? What else do I need to do??

  5. When I decided to fight ganon again I found that I was like “WHA….I never seen this..” and it was a true one and I love it lol

  6. as many times I've tried…. unlocked and freed the divine beasts and got all of links 18 memories I still cannot get this cutscene. I always get the one where Zelda and Link go to Zora's Domain.

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