Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Review

Is Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 a sure hit or a complete miss? Find out in our GameSpot review!
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  1. i just got the game yesterday and i had the option to update it when i was installing it and i did the size if the update was 8 Gb and i pesonally love the game so far im on the 4th mission in the first act and all aspects of combat are pretty good definately better than ghost recon wildlands and you have to also remember that they were working on a budget and it was probably small as far as the graphics in my opinion they are almost as good as wildlands and if you read all of this comment you are a true MVP

  2. OMG, this game sucks! I mean, look at the graphics, light years distant from the pre alpha gameplay, and the AI! I will buy it in the future when it will cost 5 euros

  3. Well I got the game for free, nice premise but god awful graphics and framerate issues.

    it's a 6/10 game for me, could've been alot more better but the game also has very cringey dialogue.

  4. yeap. Got it on steam sale and i am in the last chapter. I like it on the harder difficulty but for a man that plays FPS since the first wolfeinstein the game is only good. If you like me, have little gaming time the other titles in my list got more priority.

  5. If you've already payed all the sniper elites, battlefields, and the call of dutys(that aren't in space, fuck I hate those space cods) than it's alright.

  6. played it on pc…it was tough…but I completed the game…enjoyed the sniping with the silencers…stuck to the same weapons…hopefully they make some improvements to sniper ghost warrior 4

  7. I regret buying this game. So lame with the loading and the technical problem. But still, this has some potential though. So, I'm rating this 5 out of 10.

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