Persona 5 English and Japanese Voice Acting Comparison

For the first time in the series Persona 5 lets you pick if you want to play the game in English or Japanese. This comparison video gives you a sample of some dialogue to help you decide which to play with.

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  1. The lengthy intro of this video specifically talks about name pronunciations and it isn't really until the very last comparison that they even say any names.

  2. The English dub is ok. But I'm gonna go with the Japanese voice overs. It's much more suited for it and some parts of it don't really make sense on English Dub

  3. The characters in this game are Japanese obviously and the game takes place in Japan. So the Japanese voices are the original ones and canon, the English voices are really good, however, the characters are Japanese as I said before, that's why it's odd to see them speak in English.

  4. I didn't dislike either, but I liked the Japanese better. The Japanese cast just sounded more flavorful while some of the English sounded kinda samey. But don't take that out of context, Persona games still seem to get good English voices in general.
    And then the Japanese cast is like an all-star team of experienced anime voice actors, I mean Lelouch is the protagonist, Okabe is Ryuji, Joseph Joestar is Yusuke, Makoto Misaka is Makoto, Madoka is Futaba…they really pulled in the big guns for the Japanese too.

  5. SAKA’H’ MOTO.. Guys, this is a Japanese games with a Japanese High school setting with Japanese names.. if you don’t mind JP VO, kindly stick to Japanese instead of English… I am not gonna play Bloodborne or Mass Effect in Japanese either. At the end, you guys know best.

  6. To be clear, most if not all of the lines delivery and pronunciation if judge by the voice directors and team. NOT the voice actors so don’t blame it on them because they are just the provider of the chatacter’s voice.

  7. For as great as the English dub is, I just can't get past them using Japanese honorifics. Its my main gripe with the English VO and it kinda ruins the experiance. The honorifics just don't sound right when spoken in english.

  8. I like the Japanese voice more for saying things when he uses the third eye, it has gravel and rolls of the tongue.
    "Kanjiru so"
    "Togisa masu"
    That's so cool.

  9. I'm usually a japanese dub always type of guy but joker, ryuji, and akechi sound way too good in english that hearing them in japanese kinda ruins it for me. makoto sounds slightly better in japanese and ann and yusuke are basically the same in both dubs. the only english voice I kinda have an issue with is futaba but it's still tolerable

  10. I never played the game in Japanese (from the original to The Phantom Strikers), so it sounds strange to me. Sounds great but I'll stick with the English VA'S though.

    It's my preference.

  11. Playing Persona games in Japanese voice feels weird to me even though I know they're obviously Japanese.
    I don't know why…it just feels weird.

  12. I watch anime in Japanese but I love both English and Japanese in p5. Japanese is better by a little bit. It has more emotion and is the original and how the creators intended it to be

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