Outlast 2 Launch Trailer

Grab your camera, and get ready to run from unfathomable horror in Outlast 2.

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  1. oh my god i´m so ready for this and i´m so not ready for this at the same time because I know it´s going to destroy my heart

  2. this graphic looks like 2012….. redicioulus. i was looking forward to play this game but after this launch trailer . this reminds me of a cheap version of resident evil 7 🙁

  3. Instead of bringing a night vision camera you should bring a AR-15 with a laser sight and night vision scope! Equip a camera on the side or something jeez…

  4. this game looks good but lacks for lots of things, for an instant the animation its looks like phone game animation, and the characters
    it seems from ps2 and Xbox. missing a lot of elements that could make the game of one of the best in the history of gaming.

  5. Holy shit the singing is SO BAD. It would have been freakier to watch but the wtf horrible singing in it had me way too distracted to even get chills or anything. No one else feel that way?

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