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Naughty Dog's President On Uncharted's Future And Last Of Us Part II

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, Ben Hanson speaks with Naughty Dog’s president Evan Wells about what Uncharted: The Lost Legacy means for the studio, pulling back from plans to build up a full second development team, and the creation…

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  1. These are easily my most anticipated games of all time!After all, they're my favorite franchises!Keep up the good work Naughty Dog!We can't wait to play them 🙂

  2. Yall can overtake IGN if you focus on more interviews like this. Features with developers, tours of work sites, talks about software and engines, actual gaming journalism!

  3. i think dat TLOUS Part 2 is going to be a 2018 game i reeally want it to be 2017 game but as SAID the game is still in VERY EARLY DEVELOPMENT………I CAN WAIT 1 YEAR I JUST WANT IT TO BE LIKE UNIQUE.

  4. There is one good reason why Sony wont wanna pressure ND to get the TLOU 2 out anytime soon and that is because of Days Gone. If they want that game to have any chance as a new IP they have to get it out ways before to not cannibalize sales.

    People should really start to lower their hopes for a 2018 release, if Sony had their way TLOU 2 would not even be announced yet until this E3 as Neil stated at PSX.

  5. I commend Naughty Dog for taking a chance with Lost Legacy , This will be the first game in the Uncharted franchise in which you have a black sidekick.

  6. Fuck! I thought TLOU2 would come out in 2018, but the story was just pitched. Oh boy! We're earlier than I thought 😭

  7. so the short answer is ND is working on releasing Last of Us Part II. Uncharted Lost Legacy has been released. So they are gonna probably release either another uncharted or maybe a new ip. lets face it, they dont want to make their games relase every other year without a set plan.

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