Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Review

Does this remake of Mario Kart 8 have the need for speed or is it best left in the junk yard? Find out in our GameSpot review!
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  1. Mario Kart is irrelevant. Hasn't been a good one since Mario Kart Double Dash. I played this garbage for a few minutes and couldn't stomach playing anymore.

  2. I don't understand "gamers" nowadays….

    Literally just a pack of kids who want to see the gaming world crash and burn.
    Back in my days (yeah I'm literally using that line). Back in my days, we played games cause they were FUN, they gave us a good time. None of this "So and So" is better… like WHY THE FUCK does any of that shit even matter to you guys? How dare you call yourselves gamers and all you do is whine and groan over such meaningless shit?

    I understand that not all games are made for everyone, but fuck…. simply don't click into the video if that's the case then? You're all so full of yourselves that you feel the need to voice your disdain… like WHY?

  3. I am happy those that are excited for this, will enjoy it. Go for it! However I can't support this game personally. Even if it's fun. Gotta speak with my wallet.

  4. 'overwatch like'?? Do you mean ancient Chinese architecture like? Overhype….i mean overwatch wasn't the beginning of everything

  5. They should've also add the double dash feature which allows you to chose weather or not you want to team up with a character or player on one car.

  6. These games are some of the most intense, joyful and fun games ever. It's remarkabel how so many other developers have tried to copy the kart-formula over the years, but no one has really never managed to come just somewhat close to emulating the perfectness of this genre Nintendo pioneered.

  7. Wow the fanboys are really gonna start a war with Nintendo. Atleast now we know that every time Nintendo does something good they'll be their to pour out some salt.

  8. So I'm wondering, Mario Kart has always had a battle mode up until Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U came out. With no games to currently play (since the majority will have beaten Zelda) and the fact Nintendo would love to get people to pay retail price for the same game with a single update, do you reckon they planned this?

  9. For the record, I do not hate this game. It is a great opportunity for those who skipped out on MK8 originally or even had the game and just didn't get the DLC. But as someone who already spent $72 on this game, a few new characters and a better battle mode don't justify another $60 purchase, and I don't understand people who think that's a good way to spend your money.

  10. Amazing game 1080p and new battle mode are nice, only thing missing is voice chat for multiplayer games that Nintendo says is coming. They have to deliver on a online experience on par with the other consoles.

  11. 9? It's literally a port plus a battle mode and a couple small features, but the vast majority of the content is identical to the Wii U version. If you're adding to your score of what the Wii U version was, I agree, but if Nintendo kept coming up with more slightly different, exclusive ports of the same game, you'd rate it much lower, which is what they did. It's sickening.

  12. as someone who skipped on the Wii U, this looks like it's gonna be great. ive always loved Mario Kart so the fact that ill be able to play this means a lot

  13. Who asked NIntendo "Please, don't make new Mario Kart game for a new console,
    make a remake of Mario Kart 8 without any new tracks instead, please!" ??
    Good news!
    Nintendo heard you!

  14. No mention of the new turbo boost mechanic or wireless multiplayer with friends, whats up with that???? Did they stop paying or do you guys just suck this bad at reviewing games?

  15. Will nobody mention that the items need balancing. It's annoying because too many blue shells can hit you in a race or lightning bolts strike.

  16. I own the original on Wii U & still play it a lot after three years (easily my favorite Mario Kart game), but I'm still getting Deluxe when I buy a Switch after Christmas next week! Can't wait! An excellent game made even better!

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