Little Nightmares – Launch Trailer

Check out the trailer for Bandai Namco and Tarsier Studios’ Little Nightmares.

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  1. I will forever love the atmosphere of this game. Feels like some sort of twisted child’s imagination. And I know the game is called little nightmares, but the fact that they were able to nail the atmosphere is incredible.

  2. I just beat this game. It was short, but terrifyingly sweet. Great horror game to play in October. Can't wait to play the sequel and mobile game.

  3. my first acid trip i was playing little nightmares on the ps4. the trip started to kick in while I was trying to use the mirror on that japanese lady. I actually lost track of what I was doing and actually ended up dropping my controller and smoked out of my cart to calm me down. After a while the trip intensified a lot, I kept feeling like I was in the belly of some monster, a pink colored ominous purple belly and the sounds from the game were still going on too so I really started to loose track of stuff. I then started to get anxious cause it was 6 am and the trip still didnt die down and I started sweating and taking off my cloths looking at the time. But the whole time idek why I felt like I was in the belly of something. I havent fully recovered from the trip to this date, and i cant look at the insides of peoples mouths ever again without getting flashbacks to the pink color belly of the beast I was in.

  4. I’m currently playing it. I put it down for awhile and just decided to get ready to play it again and I’m watching this trailer FREAKING OUT because there is so much I have yet to experience and so much that they haven’t showed that freaked me out! This game is a masterpiece!

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