How To Capture Personas in Persona 5

Getting a Persona on your team might seem a little tricky, but we’ve got some tips to make the negotiation process a little easier! Here are the best ways we’ve found to take your shadow communication skills to the next level.

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  1. After I have acquired a new Persona and already have a full roster, can I drop this Persona I just got AND still have it available in the compendium after I leave the Palace? Or do I need to have it with me till I leave the Palace?

  2. Here's something i found out, if you get a shadow with a brainwash, confused, fear, or despair ailment during a hold up, you'll get a option called "submit to me". I don't know about fear or despair but confused or brainwashed may grant you a new persona during negotiations. This tactic may work but the ailment may wear off before negotiations are complete. Confused may cause the shadow to either join or attack you, brainwashed will cause the shadow to join you almost automatically. The tactic is not always suspected to work all the time but it should make getting personas easier.

  3. How do I keep the shadow alive to trigger the negotiation. If I hit the weakness more often than not I just flat out kill it :/

  4. when is a persona officially captured when they become your mask but if your persona inventory is full they are still registered or do you jeed to have them in your persona inventory for it to actually he counted as captured

  5. Persona 5 is kind of a return to roots for the series. It borrows a whole lot from mainline Shin Megami Tensei, like the enemies being demons, using melee and gun weapons and even demon negotiation

  6. I wanted to know exactly what kind of responses would every kind of persona like, and I come out knowing that you can straight up can skip it if you alread had them before omg

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