Bayonetta – PC Launch Trailer

PlatinumGames’ universally acclaimed action masterpiece finally comes to PC. Experience the over-the-top stylish action in 60fps at unlocked HD resolutions. The definitive way to play: being bad never felt so good.

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  1. Terrible choice of music, should've used some of the original tracks instead. This one here doesn't to the game justice at all.

  2. Id love if the sequel came to PC as well. It would make a ton more money and hopefully motivate platinum to make a third entry 🙂 (before you call me a PC beggar, I own a wiiU and a copy of B2. The reason I want it on pc is BECAUSE Ive played it and I love it and I want as many people as possible to experience this amazing game)

  3. Fuck you Nintendo for funding the creation of Bayonetta 2 when no one else, not even Sega, would, thus allowing Bayonetta 2 to even exist. Fuck you.

  4. I play this on 21:9 ultra wide (3440×1440). Just awesome! 😀 But without a Xbox controller, it becomes unplayable on PC 🙂

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