Zelda: Breath of the Wild Easter Eggs You Might've (Definitely) Missed

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s world is enormous, which means you’re gonna miss a lot of hidden stuff if you’re not careful. Luckily, Joey’s managed to find some of the best easter eggs Nintendo has stuffed into the game.

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  1. I've been spoiled by all the "More Things You STILL Didn't Know!" videos, so I thought this one was legit too. 😕

    I didn't know about the hidden message in the map markers, so I guess there's that.

  2. there is one more!
    when you look at something far with the camera, a little interrogation point appears, and thats an eatster egg for mario !!!

  3. I've had the game now for 3 years and I'm still discovering things. Weapons on chandeliers. Being able to pick up the mini Talus and throw them!

  4. Coming back to this 4 years later had me like “pft this video hasn’t even covered a fraction of the game’s Easter eggs and secrets” lol

  5. Maybe this is kind of obvious, but the "Stranded on Eventide Island" quest (on the southeast corner of the map) is a reference to Link's Awakening. In both, you arrive at the island on a raft, start with nothing, and build your items back up. The name of the island in LA, "Koholint", is reflected in "Koholit Rock" on Eventide in BOTW.

  6. Today I watched the cutscene where Zelda blesses Link at the ceremony site in front of Hyrule Castle. She mentioned the soul of the hero is linked to the sword whether it be “skyward bound, traveling through time, or something something in twilight” I was like ohhhh 👀👀

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