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Why Game Informer Gave Zelda: Breath Of The Wild A 10

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Kyle Hilliard talks about his review for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and why he fell in love with this bold take on Link, Zelda, and Hyrule.

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  1. This game would be a 10 if not for 1 reason:Breakable Weapons! This is the worst idea EVER!! It’s the reason I don’t even play BOTW anymore. I wasted so much time just looking for weapons. It’s a badly designed game imo.

  2. Not only did I turn off the in game HUD and never used the ability to create waypoints but I also found 119 shrines by myself like this out of 120. I know the entirety of the map like the back of my hand now. One of the best games I have ever played

  3. The only fault with this game is the temples… No theming, no item unlocks, nothing exciting about a new temple. I loved OOT where every temple was unique to a theme, the forest temple, the water temple, the fire temple etc. If they make a sequel to this game, that is the only thing they need to work on in my opinion. (With bosses that go along with the temple theme).

  4. So many people say the same thing. There's magic in this game. It made me love gaming and being a gamer again. The switch and Zelda are perfect together. Easily provided 100 hours of mind blows. This is Zelda now. This is portable. So many more.

    This game is only 10/10 material even given it's faults

  5. its one of the best games to play for the first time putting 50 hours more or less in but doesn't have as great replay value or character as , "A Link to The Past". It's a little too post apocalyptic and not enough going on as far as meaningful loot and side quest. Don't get me wrong everything about it is great, I just feel they could have added a bit more link to the past flair(I know they want to change it up). There's something about finding a heart piece or earthquake medallion, master sword upgrade that they have done in previous games that lacked here. The Hylian shield and master sword just isn't enough. And classic themed dungeons to explore and mini dungeons would have been great for this. Shrines are great but shrines alone get old too fast. Although it's open air and calamity I feel it could have been more lively in a few aspects that would have given the game a greater experience exploring the world. With that said, I feel Nintendo will blow our minds the next installment.

  6. he was paid….story was all memories….side quest were fetch quest mostly, weapons breaking every 3 seconds with no repair system is NOT A GOOD MECHANIC, nobody would have said the game would be better with it than without….Frame drop issues, too few bosses/enemy types…Last boss was so easy its not even funny….this game is not a 10…in any world.

  7. Horizon can get fuuuuuuucked compared to Zelda. I was loving it too for many hours but it just doesn't compare. It's a very good mash-up of Assassin's Creed, Skyrim, Uncharted, Batman Arkham etc… Zelda is a bloody masterpiece.

  8. Very strange to see the amount of scepticism and pushback his review was getting from the other dude.

    OTOH, it's hard to describe just how different and surprising and wondrous this game is with a set of bullet points – which is what the other guy kept asking for. He kept asking, as though there's some kind of USP that the game has that makes it a 10/10…but it doesn't have that. It doesn't have a USP.

    It's more that it's constructed entirely from a million tiny wonderful details, a million little details, all of which join up together and make a world, and all of which are surprising and make you excited to see the rest of the game, because you expect to be surprised around every corner…and you are surprised around every corner.

    It is probably impossible to get across the wonder of this game to someone who hasn't played it. You just have to play it for yourself.

  9. I honestly can't take you guys seriously anymore if you overlook the total lack of story, the boring and dull shrines, the terrible music, LITERAL RINSE AND REPEAT BOSSES, etc. This is inexcusable and irresponsible m. Some of us spend money to go buy systems for this game based on reviews such as yours trusting your review to be honest and unbiased. Well I will never trust your review again

  10. Started playing recently for the first time, while the game is very good (I've got about 40hrs logged so far) I don't understand the 10's. The game does do a few things innovative and new (such as being able to traverse anywhere and having to think about how you navigate through the world, the interesting puzzles), but it doesn't do anything "new" as far as gameplay is concerned. There are some weak points such as story, lack of voice acting throughout most of the game, how easily the weapons break, and a few others.

    Maybe it's because I haven't played any other Zelda game apart from Links Awakening, so this is a huge jump from previous 3D Zelda games?

  11. I’ve never seen a fan struggling so much to explain himself. Dude for real stop playing for a bit a try reading something to improve your wording.

  12. 15:00 god of this game treated loot like diablo it would totally ruin the game for me. Diablo doesn’t let me enjoy anything that I have because you’re constantly getting new shit that can’t be equipped until your a couple levels higher.

    BOTW’s weapon breakage is fine, get over it, enjoy yo’self god dammit.

  13. I've come to recognize that "saving items for later" is one of the worst feelings I have playing a game. It means that my brain is constantly in a state of anxiety about whether or not this is the right time to use this laundry list of things I've been dragging behind me like a mountain of baggage, and the answer is invariably, "No. You have a more boring and pragmatic way to do this that will be less wasteful."
    So in the end, I just never have fun playing most games all of my own fault.

  14. This game is absolutely not a 10. It lacks proper dungeons and items. And, the durability mechanic is horrible. As just a game, I feel that it's very good (but not a 10). However, as a Zelda game, it's bad-to-average.

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