The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Review

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is Nintendo’s most ambitious and impressive game to date.

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  1. i finally was able to pick up breath of the wild early 2021 after a long, grueling, 5 year hiatus from gaming and i must say, i am extremely impressed, i almost feel like a kid again and can't put it down 😀

  2. I'm a Hardcore Sony Fanboy I was pissed I couldn't get a PS5 on Release month and I'm shure I won't be getting one soon because theres none in stock, so I decided to get a switch and check this game out no regrets thank you Nintendo this game is amazing!!!! I'm excited for the Next Zelda game even tho I'm not done with the first

  3. Bought this game with the switch for Christmas I love it <3 at first I thought it was a boring zelda game i was wrong its really not that difficult I'm not too far into the game it is a good zelda title as far as switch comes I can't wait until skyward sword comes out this summer haven't played that one yet I hope they come out with ocarina of time and majora's mask for the switch I don't see why they wouldn't i have been playing zelda for nearly 30 years classic game for sure

  4. I’m 430 hours in and still haven’t beaten the game on master mode, I got all the shrines and did all the dlc on normal mode and holy shit this is the best game of all time

  5. I'm so glad I got to get to live to see the day a Zelda game would be what we once envisioned in a Zelda game thirty years ago.

  6. BotW might be the best Zelda game, it might be the best Switch game, but it's definitely not a 10/10 game that these publications are tripping over themselves to fawn over, they've got their tongue so far up Nintendo it's embarrassing. BotW can't hold a candle up to games like Witcher 3, Skyrim, or Fallout. I'm about to defeat my 3rd Devine Beast, the game is enjoyable, the puzzle tombs are great, but there is also a lot wrong with the game that definitely means it isn't a 10/10… the plot is practically non existent, it's so paper thin it's practically transparent, it's laughably bad… the majority of the NPC side quests are pathetic time wasting filler content of no consequence and the reward you get at the end for all your hard work is usually something inconsequential like a meal that you could have made yourself in 5 seconds… the monster encampments get repetitive very quickly… the draw distance for detailed objects is abysmal, rocks and flowers are literally appearing two steps in front of Link the engine or the Switch is so underpowered… your conversations with NPCs play out the same no matter what option you choose apart from an inconsequential sub comment… the not being able to climb in wet weather is very annoying when the place you need to get to requires climbing and you have to wait for the rain to stop… the tomb guardians of which there are many say the same thing over and over and over, thank God you can skip the dialogue, what's the point in them saying anything at all if they can't do anything but repeat the same stock phrases. I am enjoying the game, but it annoys me when a game with so many failings, however good, is awarded a perfect score.

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