TERA: Coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One in 2017 Trailer

Tera is coming to consoles and will be free-to-play!
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  1. i know people say WoW would be too big to come on console i get it but with a lot more mmorpg coming to console they might make a console version of WoW one day lol

  2. Hmm anyone know if you can change presets and if you do will it affect gameplay cause im on a old laptop and tera on here can only go to preset 1 without lag and fps drops

  3. I can understand if they're going to make legacy players start from scratch on console. But they SHOULD give us any items that are ACCOUNT bound that we've paid for. Mounts, Skins, and the stuff that came with the founders pack.

  4. So many of the players of Tera are so ungrateful. They'll complain about anything that happens. I like the game, you don't have to tell everyone that it's horrible.

  5. I used to play this MMO like 2 years ago.I may come back when it releases for PS4 because my PC died like a year ago and I haven't got the money to fix it.I've been playing FF14 for the past 9 months (Red mage i310) and I love it but I kinda miss Tera.I remember the community being toxic though.

  6. Isn't this going to be exactly the same thing as playing it on the PC with a controller? I mean it's better on PC cause you can take the game on the go with your Laptop or hook it up to your TV like a console… I fail to understand the appeal of consoles when PCs are more flexible, powerful and convenient in general.

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