Playing A Full Game In MLB The Show 17

Nick and Ramone talk baseball while playing through an entire game of MLB The Show 17. It’s basically a Developer Let’s Play, but cooler. Take me out to the ball game.

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  1. I like how people say MLB the show is to glitchy, laggy, or any other thing that people say. But they never acknowledge how much work they put in to make this game. Give them credit, you know you can't do any better with graphic designs, animations, facial features, and everything else

  2. mlb misrepresented how many players faces they upgraded with some of their videos…..I've played 8 games and have only seen about 4 players that seemed to look better than last year…..don't get me wrong I love the game and really bought this year's game because of the new announcers.

  3. Anyone notice that Gary Sanchez's batting stance is different on this video?? I like the one on this video better than the one I just got through batting with him with. They need to update that asap

  4. I'm new to this game. I feel like an idiot that even have to ask this question, but how the hell do you play a normal casual game. I don't know if the game makes you go thru this the first game you play, but why is it like locking me in playing as only one person on the team. example: start the top of the first. 3 outs, now I'm up to bat…nope. asks me if I want to watch or play by play. wether I select an option or not it, it simulates my teams up to bat and all I can do is play as the pitcher. I've gone thru all the settings, and can't do anything about it. please, someone out there just tell me I'm an idiot and explain this to me. because clearly, I'm missing something. again, this is for a normal game. not franchise, or road to the show, just a regular pick up game

  5. Have an xbox one and I'm not jealous because this game has the same animations since since i played the show on ps3 (14)

  6. The poor sound of the crack of the bat is a deal breaker for me. That was the weakest, unconvincing sounding homer ever. They need meatier sounding connections. It literally sounded like the guy hit a plastic cup. How can you fuck up so bad on something so important? These millenial developers… sigh, so focused on "brand new teammate animations" and can't get the basics right.

  7. God damn that pitching meter is so hard, especially out of the stretch. I love that though, it really makes it rewarding when you're hitting your spots and getting guys out.

  8. while I'm here with an Xbox stuck with ugly rbi 17 fucking nicktoons mlb which is Xbox 360 has better graphics than RBI baseball 17 which is for Xbox one

  9. I cant get over how beautiful this game is… so damn jealous, honestly debating if its worth switching to PS4 😭 xbox stop slacking and get your shit together, we want a baseball game

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