Orisa – Overwatch Hero Guide

If safety is your primary concern, Orisa might be the perfect tank for you, and Joey has some tips on how to protect your teammates (and yourself!) with her.

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  1. ''The damage on this baby isn't amazing.''

    I'll have to disagree on this one. 150 dps that can headshot with no damage fall off on a 12 seconds clip size IS amazing for an anchor tank.

  2. I just noticed; the horns that orisa have is very similar to bewilderbeast's horns from how to train your dragon series.
    Man those dragons were amazing. So is orisa 🙂

  3. so they smashed Sametra's/Winstons shield , Zaria's ULT , kinda DEVA's/Bastion's gun, and Mercy;s damage boost all in one character? i see nothing wrong with this

  4. Sadly enough i can't seem to learn her since there is always another person picking her and when you ask if you could be her for a fwew rounds to learn, they either don't listen or curse your head full

  5. He makes her sound better than she is she needs a buff either in HP or abilities like higher shield HP or shorter ult charge. She isn't an anchor or disruptive if anything I would call her a flank defense…. She can't stand alone and building a team around a weak tank is terrible. But her abilities do allow if with support like a high DPS and support she can keep players to a main route on a game. Right? I could be playing her wrong though

  6. She seems a bit like support but tank makes sense too because:
    Robot class
    Offense: Genji? (Not really. He is not completely artificial. He is mostly artificial however.)
    Defense: Bastion (My favorite character)
    Tank: Orisa (From this video)
    Support: Zenyatta (I heard he is better at attacking than supporting)

  7. I haven't purchased overwatch yet, but I'm very upset about them deleting battleborn from existing…so a friend told me to buy this game …lotta similarities

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