No Man's Sky – The Path Finder Update (Official)

The Path Finder Update introduces PS4 Pro support, planetary vehicles, base sharing, permadeath mode, ship specializations and much more!

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  1. Too little too late. Just stay in that bank you laughed your way to and admit you're a con. Change developer name and make a new one, better, because your franchise is fucked.

  2. Если не ошибаюсь – изначальная суть игры была в том,чтобы лицезреть красоты галактик с массой красивых пейзажей , существ и боевых сражений. А модернизируют вещи, которые в целом не будут интересны.

    Я не советчик, но всё-таки: скорее всего всем было бы интереснее играть в не большом мире с триллионами галактик, которые надоедают от 10 пройденных, а в мире поменьше, где каждая галактика обследована и насыщена красотами с не уродливыми животными однообразными и скучной динамикой игры.
    В общем делаете мир меньше, внедряете новые фишки крафта, делаеете планеты разрушаемыми с сохранением и внедряеете мультиплеер и систему прокачки персонажа. Это тренд , который не изменится , да это уже будет не инди-игра, но рпг с миллионами пользователей.

  3. They shouldn't have released it so early… Keep it hyped until it included everything they promised. At least they're improving it i guess

  4. I'm not gonna return to the game until they improve the exploration aspect of the game. I don't want material bullshit and upgrades, I want to find exciting secret epic monsters deep under the sea and in underground caves and ruins. I want crazy events happening like alien invasion, asteroid apocalypse, earthquake, giant tsunami waves etc… I want at least 10000 more biome and monster variation types. I want volcanoes, and I want monsters each to act in their own unique way in different habitat. I want to explore lost civilization with ancient monsters and fully developed alien city that is the scope comparable to Grand theft auto liberty city. I want black holes and the ability for us to enter it to discover what's inside. I want at least 1000 more types of minerals that can be gathered. I want DeathWing like monster flying around wrecking havoc. I want underwater city and deep trenches filled with legendary monsters. I want at least 1000 type more races, each with its own different culture and language, not just the shitty few that we have now. I want the game to be like 3D Terraria. After all it was what we were promised, and I believe there is potential in this game to pull off what I listed. Get working Hello Games.

  5. These same people that hyped up and hate on this game are the same people who hyped up destiny and battlefront -_- and at least hello games fixed their game for free!

  6. I think when they've add more things loke multiplayer and more content,it'll comeback alive because IGN,Machinima etc will make a video about no mans sky
    "No mans sky Huge Update?!"

  7. This seems cool, like mass effect 1's exploration but bigger, but still, the game isn't that fun to play, it just isn't fun to explore, because it kinda all looks the same
    want a better No Man's Sky? Play Lego Worlds! It is fantastic, and so much fun.

  8. you can say wathever the hell you want but be real here, this does look better and a lot of fun to cruise around in a vehicle ^^ or build your own bases 🙂

  9. i can say, with this update, the game turns from shit to the best space exploration game ever. Simply as that. I hated you.. now, you are excused. keep on going Hello!!

  10. ey, it's finally starting to look like one of dem early access craps on steam that cost 20$ good job 🙂 it's also disgusting to see how easily people forgive, I'm not saying they shouldn't, but they definitely shouldn't just yet
    Besides, astroneer already seems like a better choice

  11. Yup, I don't know the exact reason as to why Hello Games lied about their game but it looks like they want to make it a reality now. Maybe they just needed A LOT of time to get it ready but they were forced to release it to the public in such an "early access" state. They are a small team after all, aren't they?

    I'm glad to see this is still being worked on. It's the "Spore's space stage" I dreamed of.

  12. hell I'm getting it. looks amazing and the exploring on it looks awesome could never ask for much any better game with exploring in it. all the exploring I could ever ask for in a game love this. I'm get me PS4 to play this and other games. I play Xbox one. but this game here made me want a PS4 now so I can play this game. and other games to.

  13. This update looks awesome! I haven't played any games in an entire year. Just got tangled up in LIFE and kayaking but look forward to seeing everyone online again!

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