Middle-Earth: Shadow of War – Official First Gameplay Demo

Watch as Talion takes over this enemy fortress by any means necessary. We are talking crazy stuff here, did you see the part where he rides on a dragon?

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  1. 6:52 & 7:17 This is what I specifically remembered about this demo. I've been trying to figure out how to get my spies to do this but it never happens.

    Turns out it was just demo bullshit that never made it into the final game, along with 90% of everything else in this video…

  2. 2018 anybody? I never played Shadow of Mordor so I may be missing some story line, but I just went out an bought this game and I must say it is awesome! There is a bonus to buying games late, first being its cheap! $30 thank you very much. Second most if not all the bugs are fixed. Thank you for the glitch free game to play. The best thing about this game is you can't beat it in 5 hours especially if you do all the side missions to get the good items and experience! I played the game for 5 hours and still haven't gotten through the first prologue story line, the games says I am only 2 percent through the game. Finally a game that I can enjoy and play for a long time without beating. Challenge accepted.

  3. Hands down the worst game I have ever played. If anyone thinks this is a good game then they need to be locked up in a mental asylum and forgotten about publicly.

  4. I love how the game is literally like this. I was taking down a warchief and had a spy who betrayed him. I then got ambushed by two other captains and was about to be executed. Last second an assassin I had turned saved me, it was so cinematic and cool.

  5. So much false advertisement in a video… the real fortress's conquests are nothing like that. You just stay in a couple control points for a minute.
    I was really disappointed, because I went into the game expecting this.

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