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Meet Uncharted: The Lost Legacy's New Lead Developers

In this exclusive Game Informer video, Naughty Dog’s president Evan Wells and The Last of Us Part II’s director Neil Druckmann talk about the history of game development within the studio and the importance of relying on your team. The video also…

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  1. Becoming a lead is 75% politics and 25% talent. So basically I hope they are very lucky, because so far they had a genius, and no amount of marketing wank will hide the true outcome of their next game. Good luck Neil. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes, really.

  2. If Uncharted is inspired by the Indiana Jones films then uncharted 4 is defiantly The Crystal Skull of the series a brilliant idea that got bogged down by problems while on the other hand introducing Fans of the franchise to new additions and experiences with one of our favourite treasure hunters, So as a long time fan I beg Naughty Dog to do the following Bullet points.

    1. Please don't shove Product Placement down our throats. The PlayStation at the start with Crash bandicoot was an amazing foreshadow for thinks to come , But come on guys Throwing the Sony xperia premium phone in our faces like a Kevin bacon commercial was a little to far.

    2.Please develop the villains, Uncharted 4's Story can feel disjointed at times and a little elongated at others but one thing that stands out is how underdeveloped the antagonists are. All I knew about Rafe was he sounded like Giovanni Ribisi and as for Nadine she could punch . This would of been disappointing at best if the last game they created was Jak & Daxter but it wasn't. When your last production is The Last Of Us that had quintessential emotive archetypes that were fully developed no matter how small their part was ( David was amazing despite only being in ONE CHAPTER for example) these Villains just feel like a slap in the face.

    3. Please stop overusing Gimmicks by the fourth hour in Uncharted 4 I felt like I was playing a Spider-Man game with the amount of rope swinging my character was doing , I understand that all games need the base line of mechanics to work and keep the story progressively moving forward until the pace switches up to reveal a memorable set-piece but other games do this part sparingly and uncharted 4 over does it like a child with paint .

    4. If the game isn't called Splinter Cell don't use stealth , Uncharted 4 had some wonderfully constructed levels with a open ended approach to combat and while the gunplay was a step in the right direction the stealth felt inefficacious at best with companion's standing in plain sight as enemies walked by. And the overall system didn't work well within the confines of a action game couple that with the fact you couldn't do anything with the bodies so if you took out an enemy with a snap to the neck while his buddies were gallivanting around the courtyard they would come back and see the body leading to Sam shouting ''we have be spotted'' at the top of his lungs.

    5. Please Don't slow down the story for a side story because it creates ludonarrative dissonance. The best example is in Uncharted 4 you play this bombastic chaotic prison break as Sam Drake and the chapter feels like it comes out of left field and then later on in the game ( without spoilers ) you find out the previous 30 minutes of gameplay might as well of been filler because it has nothing to do with the over-arching story and only makes the tale feel more like a cutaway in a family guy episode .

    6.This might just be me but keep up with the continuity. In fairness I will hold my hand up and say I might be wrong but, In the most nit-picking sense possible how is Sam not mentioned throughout the entire Uncharted Franchise that includes Golden Abyss . This may sound like a open and shut case with the answer being those games came out before Uncharted 4 was even an idea on a white board but This could of been rectified in the Nathan Drake Collection by which time we knew the premise to a Thief's End. this part of the games lore bugged me so much because it doesn't really explain why drake is in Spain at the start of Uncharted 3 since both drake and his brother Sam escape the orphanage in America at the start of Uncharted 4 . Did Sam just leave drake? because I cant see how two little bastards could of gotten on a plane to go to different countries in the first place and Drake makes no comment on being abandon in Spain to Sam during the course of the game , Even if you do the optional conversations.

    7. Tell the fans what happened to the others , Uncharted 4 focuses to much on Sam despite him being nothing more than an annoying little runt that we don't get any validation on what happened to Cutter and the other cast , Chloe Frazer may finally get her much deserved time in the spotlight but since this is the last Uncharted ( or at least for a while) I would love to know what happened to the other iconic colourful characters even if Naughty Dog does this through some dialog or exposition I would be happy . Like if Nadine comments on why she was picked for this expedition and Chloe tells her Cutter was busy and Drake is out the game , That is all I really want to hear  

    ( UPDATED )

    8. Please don't make massive open barren levels for the sake of it , Far to many times in Uncharted 4 you come across a huge open level that basically resorts to get from point A to B . I don't know if there was more planned for the open ended levels like tomb raider did so marvellously but  it does come across as pointless , This is a real point to make as it takes away from the enjoyment of the game.

    There's no doubt that Uncharted Lost Legacy will be another amazing addition to the Uncharted series . But I think it needs to fix The aforementioned problems to be as good as the previous games. Thanks for reading

  3. I fear naughtydog is turning into a female lead studio which would suck so bad.. plz naughtydog don't do it or do both at the same time..

  4. All of you 12 year olds need to chill with using "social justice warrior" because you just seem highly ignorant and sexist. Why TF does it matter if the lead character is female or not? And why TF does it have to involve any kind of agenda or politics just because the lead character is female? God, you guys are cancer.

  5. Oh man that Kurt guy is such a stereotypical game programmer guy hahah. I've worked with people like him before. From the clothing style to his slightly awkward but serious attitude to the expression hahaha, I love how some things don't change.

  6. Hope they don't make Lost Legacy all soft and gay like UC4 story. UC4 was all about Drake's wife bugging/nagging the whole time. We're not trying to see a chick flick.

  7. Please don't pander to Tumblr, it's not your target audience. Don't sterilize your games for the sole purpose of social justice. You're Naughty Dog, not Castrated Kitten. Bring back Donut Drake, and for the love of god don't make Chloe and Nadine kiss. Have her put a bullet between her eyes for making Nate and Sam look like toddlers and locking the door on Avery's ship. Don't ruin your stellar reputation to be "progressive". It's not worth it. I love Chloe being the main character for Lost Legacy, but please don't add an ulterior agenda about controversial subjects. Games don't need it, and gamers don't want it. This looks like an amazing expansion, don't spoil it by taking the easy route and making it Feminist FanFiction.

  8. I don't want anymore games from them. Uncharted was OK for single player and co op on PS3, that's about it. I don't like their social justice warrior direction. UC4 my last. The bearded guy even asked Guerrilla Games if they are going for equality from now on… like what the f….

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