How To Take Down The Biggest, Baddest Machines In Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing, especially against some of the game’s largest creatures. He’s some strategies on taking out some of the deadliest machines the game has to offer.

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  1. Almost all Thunderjaws have two disk launchers. Use a tearblast arrow and I knock them off. Go and pick those up and aim for all of its armour. With the launchers the armour comes off like paper. As long as you don't miss too much you will kill it with the two of them

  2. Easy way to take down a thunder jaw is to use a year blast arrow to shoot off it's disc launchers, they look like missle pods on it's hips. Aloy can pick these up and just unload it at the thunder jaw. It does so much damage you don't even need to aim for weak points.

  3. Even at one point i felt that the daemonic/corrupted rockbreakers were not that hard to defeat, but those fucking fireclaws! It really challenged my skills even at level 60!! After defeating one in the story i went on doing errands where i had to kill 5 fireclaws, after killing 2 fireclaws i realized i almost ran out of all items in my inventory, the worst part is, I overriden one fireclaw to kill another, so it only registered as one kill and i had to kill another off the errand, which makes it a total of 7. They are not a joke! By the way i 100 percented the game tho!

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