How to Defeat Breath of the Wild's Mini-Bosses

Are the Lynels causing you trouble? Is the Stone Talus rocking your world? Well grab your sword and shield, because Joey is here to give you some pointers on how to take down Breath of the Wild’s massive mini-bosses.

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  1. Blue Hinoxes have wood on their legs to burn. Another thing is, shooting Hinoxes with things like the duplex bows and stuff do more damage in the eye because it shoots more. There are so many tips that it's crazy. I never knew you could break Talus' legs though.

  2. Goddamn this game is the best ..i know its hard but the way you fight is fckin good the way you slowmo the weaknesses damn this game is the best

  3. Honestly the best way that I found to beating lynels is to one get a multi-shot bow which means that you will have to have killed one. Two get a triple attack buff which can be done by getting five mighty bananas and cooking them to get that or you can use the barbarian set and then all you need to do is headshot them and make sure it's the special crit kind of one and you can just continuously do that I feld them within about a minute if not less plus you're not just getting weapons from them you're also getting a lot of hooves and gots and whatnot which can be used to make some of the most expensive potions upwards of 2000 rupees

  4. I don't bother with shooting at the Hinox eye at all, I run in with a big two handed weapon and spin attack, it works every time, and if you already have Urbosa's fury, its even easier.

  5. I'm surprised they didn't mention the major test of strength guardians. Best way to deal with those earlier on in the game is to set up an electric trap (drop an electric sword or spear halfway through a charged attack and combine it with a metal weapon) be careful not to get shocked yourself. Then walk into the area to activate the guardian. When it follows you it will step on the trap. At which point all you need to do is set up about 3 or 4 camp fires right next to him. This will keep him in a perpetual loop of being shocked / burned untill he runs out of HP and you get to take his powerful guardian weapons and parts

  6. When I see a hinox I just put on some stealth to get next to it then switch to the barbarian armor as it gives you attack up and grab a royal claymore or any 2 handed wepon. Then I hold y which will make link spin around with the wepon and charge up urbosa's furry and the same time, I get a few hits in with the spin attack and let go of y to use urbosa. Using this method I killed a hinox before it even had time to stand up.

  7. If you master parry and flurries in botw the lynel would be the easiest miniboss I promise cause I myself just farm lynels with out getting hit and I don't do advance fighting techniques or anything, just flurries and parry. .

  8. TW: spoilers Side note for people who is doin champions ballad:

    extra hearts and stamina can be brought in when you fight the divine beast along with buffs like dmg up and res up the nest way to deal with revali in to have a lvl 3 dm buff from food and have alot of stamina to keep on headshotting to do alot of dmg shortest battle with that method. Need more? Just ask and I'll deliver

  9. I was getting laid out by lynels repeatedly until I saw a vid where the player was popping them in the face when they charge up their fire breath attack to stun them then mount them. Thanks to that tip along with 2/3 Star soldier armor, guardian greatsword with 60 damage, 20+ total hearts I could somewhat calmly get some good flurry rushes and excluding stasis which I could've used I finally beat my first lynel(white-maned)!

  10. I remember the first time I saw a lynel. It was at that gate whatever after I came down mt lanayru. I just stood there and watch it. It stood there as well and the question mark was filling up with red. I thought maybe I can tame and bruh it started charging at me so fast. I was turned around spamming the run button. I climbed the nearest cliff by spamming it. When I got onto a flat surface I turned around and saw 3 white things flying at me. Had no idea what it was but thought I should try catching and then I died ???

  11. So just got to start playing the game. I just wanted to know if it was normal to die so easily against monsters or if i was missing some upgrades …turns out yes this link has died more than any other zelda game ! Thank you

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