How To Create Awesome Power Combos In Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda’s has a set of pretty cool combat powers to mess with, and we got all the hot tips on how to find the best ones.

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  1. I'm running charge plus annilhation and want to swap out my grenades. I'm running an auto shotgun m7 armor for bio buffs and a high accuracy pistol that I can blind fire behind cover for when it gets too intense. what should I swap out my grenades for

  2. Love the exploration and the skills so much! Yeah the animations are really strange and off but it doesn't take much away from the great gameplay!

  3. In my first playthrough I found Incinerate paired well with Overload. They work well separately to take down defenses and together for large explosions (incinerate takes a second to hit the target, and Overload in instantaneous, so you need to wait for Incinerate to land first). Together they worked well against crowds and bosses, I kind of got bored with them because I ended up using them too much so I'm trying to use other combos more now.

  4. did they even play the game ? main tip is to focus on combining primers and detonators along with timing and creating a sequence in which ud use a power with the longest recharge to open hopefully priming detonating then a quick prime again from ur third and detonating again.

  5. Also before investing take a look at the final parts of the skill tree. it can turn primers to detonators and vise versa. try having the powers lead to stacks on melee, power, or weapon damage. don't spread urself thin

  6. Energy Drain with Incinerate is my favorite so far. Both can be outfitted to act as a detonator and a primer, they aren't limited by range (although incinerate is slow), and I find the practical value of Energy Drain to greatly surpass that of Overload. Particularly on insanity. Factor in the Remnant VI, the engineer profile, and squad mates geared towards priming and you're in combo city.

  7. I use zap with the rocket upgraded and the turret with the flame throwers upgrade one primes and the other detandeds. My third skill I flip between invisible letting the turrets do the work or charge

  8. annihilation or charge(depending if I'm being defensive or offensive), energy drain, incinerate, cryo ammo or corra if i need ice priming. gear mods focused on combo damage, combo radius, tech cooldown(for energy drain/incenerate priming or detonations), the mod for 25% shields restored on kills. sentinel profile.

    tech, fire, cryo combos for distance. then i use biotic combo's with drain or incinerate(depending on which is ready) if they get too close or the area i'm in a small.

  9. ME:A is an awesome game, and the the fluid and supercharged combat mechanics had me hooked from the get-go. I'll say nothing of the hysteria surrounding the early animation issues, only that if you haven't tried it out, you should, especially with the new patches. Here's hoping we get that Quarian ark Dlc, and a sequel.

  10. Hey! I use the explorer profile with maxed cloak for a a surprise attack OR cooling off period, maxed pull and maxed nova. It makes the game so easy it s stupid…. u can either tap pull and shoot them down or bring them over and nova their asses. I m eager to try more powers tho. Cool vid.!

  11. My favorite biotic detonator combo is singularity detonated by a concussive shot. I also like the detonating collapse of singularity. Moral of the story, I like to blow #@%! up.

  12. one of the most annoying things was the lack of fall damage. you can pull and then chuck someone into the sky and when they land theyll be alive and well. Super annoying.

  13. I like Feeling When I combo in Combat.
    I hate it many bugs, that dev left behind. And quests very bore & so repeatedly. I know, it is Architect, but dev can Design each of them Have unique & dif strategy for more fun gameplay.

  14. can you double combo though. I have some powers which can prime and detonate. So power 1 primes, power 2 detonates power 1 and primes for power 3 to detonate.

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