Flirting With Your Crew Gets Weird In Mass Effect: Andromeda

Watching Ryder get shut down over and over never gets old.

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    Nobody is focussing on the why part !
    Like did the devteam bite of more than they could chew ?
    DId interns make all of it ?
    Did they spill coffee over the computer 2 weeks before the release ?
    WHY !?

  2. This is why diversity hiring doesn't work.
    When people earn a position not based on their performance… they don't sweat the details, and think that little imperfections will go unnoticed.
    When the reality is… gamers are savage and probably the most critical fanbase in the existence of entertainment and art… making diversity positioning in AAA video game development the absolute last place it should occur. Unless you're trying to set people up for failure.

  3. I swear the awkwardness is so much worse with the default Fem Ryder face. All of these videos so far showcase her the most for the examples of "ZOMG DIS IS CANCER" videos put up by people.

  4. I really feel like I'm being set up for success story… Shepherd came to us already a name he was somebody before we even got to play with him we made him a god but people already wanted to get with him Ryder is unproven and has been handed a huge title… I get the feeling when you accomplish more in this game and maybe even in the next game as your Legend grows things will be a lot different for Ryder and his romantic endeavors… my Ryder will be the first one from the Milky Way to get an Andromeda STD guaranteed

  5. Did they take notes from a 14 year old girls fanfiction? Joking aside, some of these are okay but some of them are…blah.
    Some of Shepard's flirting was also weird at times but in a fun way.

  6. It's not just the weird faces and animations. The dialogue, story and tropey characters seem like they were written by teenage fanfiction writers.

  7. This is terrible. This is not flirting but a nightmare. They made all women look shitty, so Anita Sarkeesien couldn't sue them as sexist and cry "objectification". wtf

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