First 45 Minutes Of Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay

Here is the beginning of Mass Effect Andromeda for your viewing pleasure, heads up there are spoilers here. Obviously.

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  1. Will game devs actually put time into their games and stop rushing shit. Like Jesus fucking Christ what had the gaming industry come to besides being cash cows. Like what the actuall fuck is this because this definitely isn't next gen worth a shit. 2016 was already a shitty year for games 2017 don't start with this bullshit

  2. Holy shit. The facial animations are shit. I thought everyone was overreacting. This is fucking ridiculous. Their faces warp and looked stupid as hell. How the fuck is anyone supposed to play this and not be completely distracted whenever you need to be paying attention to conversations.

    What a joke.

  3. I haven't pre ordered anything since PS3. I will pre order this though. I like this series came back like this. After Mass Effect 3. I was like damn so no more Mass Effect!?!? This shhh look dope.

  4. This doesn't have that very particular Mass Effect vibe that the first two, especially the very first, games had. It feels like some sort of very generic, hollywood sci-fi. In 1 and 2 the writing and the dialogue felt more mature. Standard space opera concepts and tropes proved to be more charming than generic since they were balanced out with interesting lore and agreable dialogue/voicework. I just don't detect any of that here anymore. Whatever, I guess that's just my dumb opinion.

  5. Can someone please explain to me how one is supposed to detect supposed variance in cellular mutation of a plant from 20 meters by scanning it with your thingy? Like seriously.

  6. Looks absolutely horrendous where they just chucked in everything from previous games, stole Batman's scanner, stole the jetpacks from ( I believe) modern warfare, 1999 animation… I can't believe that people are going to buy this mess…. 21st of March will be a sad day for gaming…

  7. I've enjoyed the game thus far, having gotten it on Monday night from my local GameStop, it isn't perfect, but it is very challenging and quite expansive. Don't let others make the choice for you, I am glad I took the leap and got this game; this game is about choices, so choose for yourself! I'm away from home, but can't wait to get back this weekend to resume my journey!

  8. Personally I'm thinking about getting this on PC since it'll have better quality than PS4. Besides, the story line gives me the idea that no matter how many centuries pass, we're still that viral race consumes anywhere it goes 😉

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