Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladio Gameplay – The First 15 Minutes

Gladio is off to prove his worth in this new chapter for Final Fantasy 15. Watch to see how the trial begins.

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  1. people say ff15 has plot holes and a bad story. but isnt that just your opinion? its like a donut, can u blame a donut for its hole just because u want it fullfilled?

  2. Vivement la fin du mois 🎉😍 et le mois suivant pour voir sortir le Prompto chapter, et le mois d'après pour boucler la trilogie de dlc's et connaître le sort du quatuor 😰. Et sinon qu'en est t-il des cinématiques du chapitre 13 hein, c'est pour quand ? Bougez-vous, bon sang…😡 !

  3. A guilgamesh with one arm, this is original and I like it but come on a straigt line dungeon with lame dialogs bullshit minions and one fucking combo​?! ( even in the main game he seems to do more than that when you pay attention at him). The game was already disapointing no need to put more shame on it.

  4. I used to love Yoko Shimomura's tracks for XV but after finishing it, I won't ever listen to it again as it will only give me bad memories. What a shame they wasted so much of VXIII's potentials…..

  5. seems like everyones gonna hate on FF because i remember when alot of people didnt like FF13. now nobody talks about their hate towards 13 and switches to 15.

  6. man most of these comments are pretty negative. can't people just be more appreciative for the game and to SE for putting so much time and effort into the game? I mean come on guys they're doing a great job with Final Fantasy XV, and it's only gonna get even better. The gameplay of this DLC is also nothing to complain about, I actually like it a lot. but the important thing is they're​ giving us even more of the story and game to us. though I do find it weird that they went about it like this I can't complain at all. My only problem with the game is how it ended but this gives me hope that they'll do something about that later. just keep an open mind guys because something tells me Final Fantasy XV will eventually live up to the hype it's been given.

  7. In this game should be more endings and they apply not interesting fillers… empty areas, and u cant events, dialogs is for nothings…, general game kick your ass and telling you now is end. In NG+ game is very easy difficulty not growing, items in this game almost not exist, magic is joke. Square Enix if that game takes you 10 years You extremaly waste time.

  8. Really exited for all the dlc in this game, it would be really nice to be able to talk with cor a lot more than we did in the normal game. It would also be nice to expand on character development some more with the bois. Bring me the good stuff already square.

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