Everything You Need to Know About The Monster Shop In Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Rob breaks down everything you need to know about the monster shop run by Kilton, including the monster masks, the secret armor, and some funny weapons.
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  1. Lynels who are significantly rarer because they're canonically angry barbaric creatures that kill their own kind to become more powerful, which has it's own share of population sustaining problems. It's not that lynels are smart enough to see through the ruse of links mask, but unlike the other mobs in the game that are deeply social creatures, lynels don't really care who or what you are, just that if you're planning on hanging around in their space, their gonna fuck you up

  2. Wait so when he said about the dungeons, thos are like the main missions like the 4 devils beast and the castle with ganon if you get all 4 Devine beast you get more items to buy???

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  4. I got a tip; you ever waist a lot of arrows trying to shoot korok balloons or acorns? Especially the really fast ones? Use stasis to freeze them, then shoot an arrow. This also helps find some of the ones that Are tricky to see.

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