All 18 Memories In Order – Zelda Breath Of The Wild **SPOILERS**

Warning Spoilers! Check out all of the 18 memories in order you unlock in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. If you’d like to find them yourself, check out our guide in finding the 12 captured memories here:…

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  1. Link in the cutscene: proceeds to defeat a mass of monsters including several lynels
    Me trying the same thing: 10 shields broke, master sword tired, and a dozen swords broke and all runes spent by the time ive defeated just one

  2. 🤨 I can’t get daruks word’s out of my head. you know how he was talking about death mountain and then he said never mind I’m just having a strong feeling that it might be something we discover in botw2

  3. Zelda – “Im a failure! I failed them all! I left them to die!” As well as “I dont fit in with my role and I want to do not my role”

    Me – oh so a new kin-

  4. I hated this game and Zelda until that scene when she cries in his arms. The sheer heartbreak I felt after spending days and nights fighting and praying and trying to conjure her powers only to fail. I just never seen Zelda so vulnerable and defeated in this portrayal. 😔💔
    The most heartbreaking story arc in a zelda game honestly.

    They did a great job with the voiceovers

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