9 Easter Eggs Referencing the Original Trilogy – Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda may take place in a brand new galaxy, but that doesn’t stop there being a few easter eggs and references to the previous games.
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  1. It was not difficult to find all of these. Just look behind any corner and talk to anyone you meet. Not so difficult as it could be. If for example to enter some paragon/renegade points, dialogue choices, equipped gear…

  2. I remember meeting some ex-cerberus scientists, they were talking about Project Lazarus and Miranda.
    I also remember reading a Kett-terminal where they were studying the 'new'races. They mentioned that the Turians had 'reach and flexibility'. :'D

  3. I like how some dis the game as the galaxy being too small. But the thing is its a star cluster not a entire galaxy the story doesn't hide that from the player in fact they mention its just a star cluster literally hundreds of times.

  4. Andromeda to this day is still the most disappointing game I've ever played on a modern console. It could have been so much more, and I appreciate you warning us about spoilers but there's really no need seeing as it's a cookie-cutter story. the only spoilers you should care about really it's the fact that what you did in the old games matters diddly squat in this game.

  5. There is one mission on kadara tht involves 2 scientists doing experiments tht have to do with a type of mind control device and on the terminal next to them is a entry saying tht their research is basically not sanctioned even after a certain Miranda Lawson explicitly told them not to do it. Its only in text but still a easter egg. Pretty kool.

  6. Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but when Lexi is examining the kett corpse, as Ryder turns to leave she say that she needs to get this thing out of here before it starts to stink, pretty much word for word what Zaeed says just before he joins your crew in ME2.

  7. I really enjoyed Mass Effect Andromeda, yes the facial animations were really awful but I enjoyed the gameplay and the story.

  8. After 3 years that I finaly played ME:A, the "easter egg" that killed me was Avitus saying "Been a specter was easier, but been a Pathfinder is more rewarding"…. Yeah Shepards Jobs in ME1 was easier than running around with an AI that did all the work for you, with zero diplomatic aproach and experience, with an attidute "yay adventure, lets have some fun" and somehow all worked out

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