Zelda Breath Of The Wild – Hands On With The First 5 Hours

Peter weighs in with some early thoughts on Zelda: Breath of the Wild ahead of the full review coming next week.

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  1. Man I love my school.I remember in Primary school everyone were little shits liking CoD and GTA(except me lol)going into secondary school I found a group of chill guys who also had actual good taste in games and now,in 4th year pretty much everyone respects each other and their intrests.Maturity is a blessing.So hyped for this game!

  2. I have NEVER EVER played a Zelda game in my life. I am a huge gamer and just never got into it. But gameplay of this looks awesome. I'm getting the switch release day. Should I get breath of the wild?

  3. i forgot how toxic nintendo fans can get since they've been silent for years now. no wonder some people consider nintendo fanboys more toxic than xbox and sony fanboys. i even saw a comment that BOTW will utterly destroy and make people forget the witcher 3. ggwp.

  4. I do like how the weapon durability is so short. It seems it turns it into something that's actually like a mechanic rather than just something you'd have to regularly check.

  5. Who the fuck cares about the graphics.If someone wants graphics he will game on PC or wait for Scorpio. It's ridicously idiotic to hear sony playstation fanboys cry about graphics.When Scorpio is mentioned you cry about not having games. When Switch is mentioned you cry about graphics. Decide what you want before commenting.

  6. Nothing will be better than Twilight Princess to me. Most mature Zelda in my opinion and that's what I like. Still excited about this one though

  7. Nah I'll get it on Wii U. what is the difference between 720p and 900p? I can't even tell. Both run at same framerate too. If you wanna play this and only this just get a cheaper Wii U.

  8. Looks pretty good, and with some surprising non casual things like "stamina". I thought Nintendo was naff, this game looks like it might be a challenge. Interesting.

  9. I wonder how embarrassed you fat, nerdy, glasses wearing freaks would be if your parents caught you so thrilled over an argument over video games and graphics and whatnot. I can't understand how a grown man could legitimately be pissed off over someone's opinion over a piece of plastic.

    Like the game? Good for you. Hate the game? Good for you. If you're gonna try to cause arguments and tension over games, you're a loser who needs to find a girlfriend. If you are one to get pissy over someone disliking a game or console, you're a loser too.

  10. I like how all of the hater are at the bottom (At least for me) Which shows we are ABOVE these haters. You say this game is trash, and nothing but an open field, you should see Fallout 4.

  11. as much as i'd like this…..i want more than JUST THIS Nintendo. going to hold off until just a few more must haves drop. Then the switch will be my handheld.

  12. If you bash on Zelda or any game from that era, I'll call you a small child who pays an unnecessary amount of money every month to stare at a screen for years on end while shooting people. Don't call yourself a true gamer, you're just a pawn in the money making fallacy that is the game industry now.

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