Why Madhouse Difficulty is Cooler Than You Think – Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 on Madhouse adds new mechanics, tension, and scares to the game, and Jean-Luc thinks its absolutely worth playing.

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  1. This difficulty was unbelievably annoying at times, especially against the quick moving Molded, the feeling of getting to the guest house at the end where you confront eveline was one of the biggest reliefs I’ve ever had, re8 madhouse is one I’ve not gone back to as it’s impossible for me to kill dimitrescue as I run out of ammo every time

  2. Enjoying madhouse right now. Marguerite is a tough fight but up to her it was a challenge, but not super hard but those 4 legged ahhh, yet I had less trouble with Jack during chainsaw fight. I found a way to defl3ct his attack timing g wise and then attack him back and it went pretty fast. After the garage fight though I got tired of fleeing Jack so I headphones him a few times with Weskers gun and when he went down all giggles I didn't see him after until the chainsaw fight so that was unexpected but cool

  3. Did you know you can combine regular bullets with gun powder to make enhanced ammo. I thought it was only gunpowder and strong Chem fluid, you use 10 regular bullets and gunpowder to get 5 enhanced

  4. A way to make madhouse easier is to beat the game under 4 hours (recommended on easy) and you will get a circular saw which does amazing damage and x-ray glasses witch is phycostimilus but 24/7.

  5. man he makes the mia boss fight 1:46 sound difficult its really not if you block when she is trying to strike you you will catch her chainsaw and bing bang boom she dead. just make space between each other and shoot her in the head if you run out of bullets just use the axe on her. me personally i struggled more on the final jack stage near the endgame.

  6. You are just right about cassette tapes. It feels like, i can't save when ever i want. That I really need to think when to save, so i don't run out of cassette tapes. But in reality, there is enough of them. Just don't be that save-wh**re what i am in casual runs 🙂

  7. Honestly i hated this game because that mia fight. I have like 30 fps, and i tried it probably 50 times, but its just impossible for me 🙁

  8. I can't literally believe this is happening…
    Why does Infinite Ammo require the hardest difficulties to unlock? They should've put an Extra Content Shop.
    Plus, Madhouse is a difficulty of suffering, giving up and screen punching.

  9. Second Run in RE2MAKE is basically Madhouse, but with broken canon. It also slightly moves some things around to make your second encounter a bit unpredictable.

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