Resident Evil 7 Finishes What Silent Hills Started – Reboot

In the aftermath of Kojima’s failed horror project, Resident Evil 7 became much more important than you think.
Watch Reboot episode 2 – Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the Open-World Game We Need:

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  1. I got into Silent Hill late with Silent Hill Homecoming, after i first played RE7 for my Official first RE I got invested into RE and all the theories around RE and some Silent Hill , then found out the PT situation, It SUCKED to hear about it, I wish and Hope that Kojima will bring back a PT esque title, Also i have heard that theres a Correlation between Resident Evil and Silent Hill, When a RE releases theres a Silent Hill release or vice versa, P.T to RE7 Both with close relations(?), P.T had Paranormal Supernatural, RE7's Demo had Paranormal vibes until the full game where it had the RE Virus agenda, Imagine if Both released, It wouldve been a GREAT Horror Paradise, But one can dream

  2. I like Resident evil 5/6 not the best in the franchise but still go back and play these titles. What makes these games good is the coop tbh. Evil within both are awesome games Evil within 2 is a good second game. Silent hill is good but need to remember only the first and second silent hill games are good silent hill has been dead for years. Dead space tbf all of them are good games I enjoyed all three just annoying the didn't do a remastered for PS4 hopefully they making it for Ps5 in the future. Last but not least RE7 is basically what capcom wanted to from the beginning.

  3. I couldn't agree more! I'm so glad Capcom returned to the formula that made Resident Evil amazing, and they upped themselves big time with VR support! RE7 is great but in VR It's a masterpiece, easily one of the best gaming experiences of my life.

  4. The franchise that taught me what horror is.

    Resident Evil 7 is more important than people think. Aside from the fact that it has got an amazing story, graphics, etc this game brings back the art of how to create a survival horror game. In an era where multiplayer games are taking over, Capcom created a game that will inspire other people. Hopefully, we will see some more amazing games form this franchise

  5. Just finally getting around to this one now. There is more tension and horror within the first 10 minutes than there is in all of 6 and most all of 5.

  6. Resident Evil 7 brought back what survival horror really was. I hope when Resident Evil 8 comes out, it will bring it's buried brother Silent Hills back.

  7. Word is silent hill was going to release FIRST and it was in production FIRST. Capcom paid good money to KONAMI for them to scrap the game so they can copy the gameplay and eliminate the competition. Sort of how record labels will sign an artist and SHELF them so it doesn’t distract people from their REAL investment.

  8. Damn, 2017 was a good year for games. I remember like it was yesterday everyone was playing Resident Evil 7.
    The internet was flooded with the scary moments of Resident Evil 7. I wish I could go back and just be in that time.
    Time flies lads, embrace everything while you can.

  9. RE1 is my 2nd favourite game ever because it spawned my favourite series but RE7 is my favourite game ever because it brought my favourite series back to life when I had given up hope

  10. I’m way late to the party but damn if that didn’t inspire me to go out and buy the game for VR. I haven’t enjoyed a Resident Evil title since 4 so I didn’t pay this one any mind till I started looking for VR experiences and kept seeing this title come up. I’m just starting the game now and this video just got me even more stoked.

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