Nioh Review In Progress

Miguel weighs in with some early thoughts on Team Ninja’s take on the Dark Souls gameplay formula.

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  1. As a guy who's played both, I don't even think a comparison should be made, they are two totally different IP's. I do however think that nioh has taken ALOT from souls but also bloodborne as the combat in bloodborne was way more fast pace, just like nioh. I also believe that nioh is way better story than both souls and bloodborne.

  2. I like this game: its a different take on the genre. DS didn't focus so much on movesets or stamina, but just exploiting them for openings (ex. parrying in DS is huge, in Nioh, parrying just gives you a follow up hit. In DS, running out of stamina is NBD – just roll away. In Nioh, running out of stamina freezes your character and opens you up for a huge critical hit). Nioh gives you enemy stamina and gives you combos, movesets, and stances because they want you to focus on that. Your weapon doesn't have 2 animations for the R1 that cycle through over and over like in DS. Not saying it is a negative in DS, but just pointing out that DS and Nioh are taking the combat differently.

    Personally, I enjoyed the alpha and beta for Nioh, and I enjoyed DS. As a DS fan, if you can't appreciate different takes and directions on the genre, then you're not a fan of the genre, just of the DS series.

  3. He seems to try to tell us how the game isnt dark souls or how its better, but it now more then ever seems like another dark souls (not that being another dark souls is bad).

  4. The souls series will always be on top, but that doesn't mean to put negativity on nioh. This game looks great let's be happy there's a decent souls like game we can enjoy!

  5. It has a great gameplay but after watching streams of game i noticed it has a few types of enemy mobs
    that will be thrown at you over and over again with minor appearance tweaks which felt annoying to me
    maybe because im used to souls games always changing the types of enemies every time you enter a new area
    overall im excited for the game

  6. Anyone know the name of the track that's playing in the background of the reviewer's voice? The calm Japanese track…

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