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Nintendo's Miyamoto And Aonuma On Zelda's Balance Of Fan Feedback

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, The Legend of Zelda’s creator Shigeru Miyamoto and series producer Eiji Aonuma share their thoughts on focus-testing games and when creators should stick to their bold, original vision. They cover the…

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  1. This month in the way game informer presents nintendo determines if I keep buy magazines. You been bad insulting nintendo. Not every Sony game is good or Microsoft. Always insult nintendo why

  2. Wow, thank you for asking really worthwhile questions. How else but with great questions are we ever going to know how these great men create their masterpieces?

  3. My father always taught me from my faith that Jesus would say "you cant enter the kingdom of heaven unless you are like children". And i think that saying is very real in life. Exemplified by these old men, you can see so brilliantly the masterpiece they have created, the wonder and joy that Breathe of the Wild just gives off. Such a vision would have to come from men with the childish joy of life that we all felt as children. That same sense of wonder and bewilderment, passion, and spirit we all felt when we were younger. Most people would lose that over the years due to life's troubles, letting themselves get lost in their own problems, never rising above them. Not for these two, and most certainly for the rest of the team as well. This is what breeds brilliance people. You have to be at peace within your own life, have the attitude necessary to make something legendary. Miyazaki understood that, Miyamoto and Aunoma do as well.

  4. Love listening to Miyamoto and Aonuma. They seem like so chill. I like what Aonuma has done with the series thus far. Their excitement is infectious.

  5. Those two and Naughty Dog are really showing what can come around with all the passion, fun and desire to create something good. Not to say that other devs do not create good games but those two and Naughty Dog got it done better (in my view)

  6. 0:44 Ohhhh Eiji how many years were needed for you to listen what fans wanted vs. your strategy???? It has been a loooooong way (boats, trains, birds, and don't get me wrong these were funs and good games) but we finally got the definite Zelda with us, how is supposed to be!!!!!

  7. I've always had this mental thing where, in a fictional world, I invite various amazing people to dinner and a chill chat, possibly followed by some good weed – Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto is def on that list!

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