Middle-earth: Shadow Of War – Announcement Trailer

It’s official, Middle-earth: Shadow of War will be arriving this August.

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  1. I watched the trailer with no audio. I can't tell if that's Talion. His face looks way different but the cape is the same. Is it Talion?

  2. So I'm coming for you could mean that he is coming for Sauron or Celebrimbor. It seemed like something separated the two and celebrimbor was going to rejoin Talion (before he was taken away) or going to take the Ring. Man…. so many possible twists..

  3. they should of put his hand and him neck was bleeding like the end of the last game but this is until the ring is on him it stops but celebrimbor is not on him until the ring so two celebrimbors no just in him in the ring and one that makes sauron come back XD

  4. Me: I've been on the low I've been taking my time, I feel like I'm outta my mind it feel like my life ain't min- (sees this trailer) I've been given a new life.

  5. Im a gamer from 90's i have played games that had a story and pace games now a days are shit as fk. I can't express how much i loved shadow of morder, it's been years since a game kept me hooked. I expect no less from the sequel, I'd pay any price or a grog's ear for such an experience.

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