Injustice 2 – Here Come the Girls Trailer

These iconic female combatants show you who’s boss in this action-packed trailer proving that any night is ladies’ night.

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  1. Since we are getting more Teen Titans characters… could Jinx (from the Teen Titans Cartoon) be a dlc character? (Please not the comic book Jinx!) that would be cool and a good way to bring back an amazing character

  2. Injustice good job. Thing is, there shouldnt be a trailer for here comes the girls. Just leave them in the trailers. Continue to normalise the presence of the womens in video games and place them in primary roles not secondary ones, and not with no blemishes on their skin and one type of body type. I know the way it works is to repress and reciprocate what's repressed then sell it again, but man I've been trying for years to unlearn all the ways on which I chose to objectify woman first and think of women as a secondary gender and the pronouns that usually came out were male. Sorry for the rant just thought I'd try and use this platform for an opinion and to express my own hippocrasy and give an unfiltered response that can be looked at and filtered out. Thank you for your attention if you are reading this.

  3. Damn, it’s already been 2 years? MK11 is on the horizon, however I’m eagerly anticipating Injustice 3. Despite its flaws meta wise, amazing game and I don’t think it got the appreciation it deserved during its lifespan. Part 3 will definitely be even better, I just know it.

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