How To Beat Nioh's 9 Toughest Bosses

From Ogress to Giant Toad, Nioh’s bosses might leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. Here are Miguel’s tips on nine of Nioh’s fantastic beasts and how to vanquish them.

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  1. I've wiped every boss so far, not a single one has given me a challenge yet. The first boss (ice lady too) was the only one to kill me because I hate blocking from souls games. So it immediately became easy after blocking..
    I play solo as well, haven't even tried coop yet so I'm unsure if its easier.

  2. This game is great, that being said once you bet the game and have to go through the boss rush missions….. makes me wanna neck thats not to say i dont love the challenge of two bosses at once and sometimes multiple bosses in a row sometime it just makes me think it was a cheap way to piss off its players 😂😂 but non the less still enjoyed it and bet them all

  3. an easy way to kill centipede is to air attack around half way up his body and the amitria you gain should get you your ability so then youbuse your ability to finish him and them rince and repeat

  4. That frog boss was nothing hard for me in comparison to the other, because with a" high amount of damage from behind" build he was an easy Clap.

  5. There’s no reason to make hino-enma so complicated. Dodge her very first charge (at the beginning of the fight), hit her with 1 sloth and 1 weakness talisman (respectively), then hit her with a guardian spirit talisman (preferably Kato). She’ll get knocked down, at which point you can damage her with executions and stuff. If you don’t have sloth and weakness talismans, just the guardian spirit talismans are enough. Use them wisely and she’s an easy fight

  6. as a big souls fan, i played bloodborne and the surge to with several new game plsu I need to say that in some points Nioh can be harder the the from software games… maybe its relied to the fact that the combats take so much longer

  7. Toughest bosses in the game are Maria (on Way of the Strong), Fox+Hideyori in Everlasting Duty and Ishida Mitsunari in base game. I found all other bosses to be pretty doable with no major difficulty spike.

  8. Sloth, EZ.
    Won't even mention the first few.
    Lol Centipede… The easiest boss in the game. It can't kill you if you stand there and block.
    Shima… Oneshot him, lul.
    Gasha… Not hard, just a gimmick boss.
    Hino… Fair pick but once you've para resist she's easy.
    Umi… Once you've learned about the gimmick laz0r it's easy.
    Ogress… Fair pick but if you hug her she's a joke.
    Yuki… Fair pick somewhat but you can just Sloth her ass.
    Lul, this guide smells of clickbait. Most of these are far away from being the toughest ones… guess you didn't want to spoil anything from later. There's also the DLC now. smh

  9. Hinoema and Giant Toad are easy with katana

    Giant Toad: Low instance, block his attacks and hit 3 times, sometimes 4, his back, sometimes you can dodge to his right
    Hinoema: Dodge everything, except some of his melee attacks

  10. the bone boss should not be on here , he was so easy, the mission around the boss on the other hand…. WAS HARD!!!! AND TOOK ME AGES TO DO LOL. and defo put points into sloth talisam, for most bosses, not all but most , it helps a LOT

  11. how to beat most of Nioh bosses:
    1. Go near boss
    2. Side step to go behind them
    3. Attack them when behind them
    4. When boss is around 40% hp use your spirit guardian
    5. GG WP

    Not working/still having issues?
    Use sloth power then 😛

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