Horizon Zero Dawn Review

Is Aloy’s adventure worth taking or is it bound to go extinct much like the ancient dinosaurs? (not the robot ones) Find out in our GameSpot review!

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  1. I love Sony Ps since I was a kid, but hey Xbox is also a very good game console, State of Decay 2 is a awesome game, but we can't deny that sony really wins when it comes into exclusive games. Why do we buy Game consoles? to play games right? Sony in terms of game Library, Sony wins the match

  2. HZD is one of my all time favorite games. I got it by accident after intending to by fallout 4 and then finding out it was rated m and i was under 17 so rip. The game stop dude suggested Horizon. Not one regret since then. Ive spent so long in that game, replayed it twice now, on my 3rd go. Every time I hear the story, I feel tears. I beat the ultra hard difficulty, which was legitimately hard, except I had shield weaver, so I was gucci.

  3. I just started playing the game, honestly I really don't have interest on this game's story and gameplay at first, but when I said maybe I should give this game a try, and the first few hours of my experience is awesome! I've never played a game this immersive, beautiful world and gameplay before. Now, I won't stop playing this game till the end and I want more! just like The Witcher 3 this is a Masterpiece!

  4. Anyone playing this game in 2020? I purchased this game back in 2017 when it was first released but I never finished it because I was attached to OverWatch so much back then. I bought it back from the psn store during one of their sales for $9.99 and I’m enjoying it way more than I did back then because I own a PS4 pro with a Samsung 4K QLED TV now.

  5. I know I'm really late but i picked up the game on PC the other day, my preferred platform, not gonna go into any petty useless console wars but I do have to say good work on this Sony and Guerilla, and thanks for bringing it to PC so more people can share the joy of PS users favorite games

  6. Didn't even make it through the hand holding tutorial. Game failed to interest me in any way. I cant spend another minute of my gaming life hiding in magical tall grass that makes you invisible

  7. i start playing this game only now and when i reach the level about this 355thousand years i fell in love with the game..its like inca civilization up to now… but in the game its reverse..

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