Horizon Zero Dawn Opening Cinematic

Check out the opening cinematic for Horizon Zero Dawn to see where Aloy’s adventure begins.

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  1. I even bought the "Complete Edition" and I can't get the begging of the Fucking game, it starts with "6 Years Later..", how rediculous is that? I have to watch the beginning of my game on youtube SMH

  2. My only gripe here, anyone else wondering why he went so out of his way to go to Mother's heart or watch (Idk which it is) and how it goes from dawn, to sunrise, then back to dawn?

  3. First, on PS4, I was complete Killzone 4, Uncharted Series, God of War (2018) & it was very, very great especially "Uncharted Series" but after I begin "Horizon Zero Dawn + The Frozen Wilds" on PS4 with 55' 4K-TV and Home Theater System and I was stun! I am a big fan of digital art for about 22 years. I was completely done a lot of best video-games and watched a lot of various genre of great movies but "Horizon Zero Dawn" overshadowed everything it's absolutely new level it's an all-in-one (movie + video-game + quality + art + story + acting + creativity and a lot of more in one) its "intellectual-interactive CGI movie". In my opinion with a plot for the Oscars Award. Horizon is for people who like to "play the high-class movie". It's much better than 90% of Hollywood high budget blockbusters of last years. It's a masterpiece for me, for all time! Bravo Creators! Bravo Guerrilla Games! Bravo SEI! Bravo Sony! Work harder as you can! And "we" will appreciate it! Good luck! P.S. And for the future: I think to be better if in dialogue scenes sometimes the camera will turning on the views not only on the faces or both characters will be visible against the background of the views.

  4. From the moment the titles started to appear I knew this game was going to be absolutely brilliant. And boy was I wrong….it was a fucking masterpiece!

  5. 1:54 I wish I could relive the same feelings of awe I first had when playing this game, seeing these beautiful mimics of earths long lost menagerie roaming this landscape

    Hopefully we can feel this again in the sequel, as we return to this future of our planet

  6. Where does the naming scene take place? I tried to find the cliff temple that overlooks the metal devil and the mountains where the sun rises. I would have though it would be along the west side of the vallet above Mother's Heart but I can't see anything, let alone climb up there! Anyone know if it exists in-game? Or is it just in this cutscene/the title screen?

  7. Started replaying this today on my PS5 because its been years and I don't remember shit about it and when I hit new game it skipped this scene completely it just starts 6 years later and aloy is picking berries and I was like wait this feels really awkward I feel like I'm missing something glad I looked this up because I don't remember the beginning being so awkward

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