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GI Show – Breath Of The Wild Impressions, Morrowind, For Honor Interview

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson, Kyle Hilliard, Ben Reeves, Javy Gwaltney, and Dan Tack share exclusive impressions of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s gameplay before debating the quality of Fire Emblem Heroes and talking about The Elder…

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  1. I had a team of two 5 star heroes and two 4 star heroes two days after fire emblem heroes released and I have never paid a single cent to this day. I've beaten the story on Normal and Hard now.

  2. Why defend F2P models GI?  Yal sound like straight up apologist for Nintendo, and that Fire Emblem game.  Microtransactions are literally the worst thing in gaming and you guys say it's fine if you just ignore it.  Utterly deplorable.  Also Fire Emblem isn't even that good IMO, especially compared to Xcom 2, Wasteland 2, and so many other turn base tactical games.  Fire Emblem Conquests story was abysmal, and the base building was a mess.

  3. Side note, I really enjoy Javy being a part of Game Informer! Also Hanson you are a brilliant host! Kyle and Ben you two are both always a excellent part of the podcast when you're on! And Tack is always epic! Another enjoyable podcast guys!

  4. Dan Tack is amazing! Thanks so much for speaking up against these shady mobile practices. I really hope addiction causing casino mobile games will be heavily regulated by law in the future.

  5. well, the sword needs light or whatever to function, otherwise it's just a regular sword
    maybe the master sword needs to be periodically recharged by the sages

  6. 31:45 Kyle thought the piano sounded digitally and sci fi. That may be because it sounds like a sequencer playing a piano. There isn't really a melody there, just seemingly random notes plucked.

  7. The game's throwing a billion weapons at you. Without breakable weapons, what's the point of all the other weapons that are dropping?

    Durability allows you to munch through all those weapons, allowing you to experience at least some of them in some form or fashion, instead of just skipping everything else and just going for the strongest weapon you can find.

    Consumables are a big thing in this game, and durability turns equipment into consumables too, in the sense that you're going to have to replace them sooner or later.

  8. Hohohoho… That dude with the shades is so salty with mobile transaction games…. "gonna get regulated" he says, lol… the salt is REAL with that guy. Somebody probably pissed on his breakfast cereal or something.

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