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Exclusive, New Gameplay For The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Game Informer’s Kyle Hilliard and Ben Reeves talk about their extended time playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch for the magazine’s March cover story. They discuss the game’s difficulty, Link’s new moves, and how…

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  1. I like how your horse can actually die and how Epona is supposed to be the Rare horse in the game. It just makes the nostalgic really strong. kind of like how in Skyward Sword your shields could break when not upgrading/repairing them but, you could still get the rare unbreakable Shield later in the game which was the Hylian Shield and it just made the Hylian Shield even more badass.

  2. Sweet new combat moves sweet Epicness that is awesome and the Bosh Kala Shrine reminds me of the Wind Temple in Wind Waker that's really amazing and shooting arrows by jumping off of the horse that's just wow I'm shocked and impressed of these new ways of combat

  3. 2:03
    That bokoblin barely took any damage from those hits, and they're saying that instead of facing you one at a time the enemies are gonna gang up on you instantly? o.o Yeah, the hard mode that's included in the DLC-pack is probably gonna be a little bit less requested once the game comes out 😛

  4. Finally be putting my Wii U to use, I've pretty much held onto it solely for Virtual Console, but this, the graphics look great, the open world looks huge, it's gonna be amazing.

  5. Fck yes! Thank you Nintendo for not scaling enemies in this game. I hate scaling cause it takes away the feeling of ever getting stronger.

  6. Holy shit I haven't seen the jousting before! That looks really good. And it looks like it works how you would expect it to work. It looks like in this game you do things because you think it is what you should do, and it works. I'm on a horse, I'll use my longer weapon. And it works like a lance. Great!

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